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CHO Token: 600% Surge Signals Upside Potential

Key Takeaways
  • CHO token soars despite Bitcoin's dip, signaling strong project fundamentals and community support.
  •'s strategic merger with Vault and the launch of ecosystem propels CHO's value.
  • Technical indicators confirm CHO's bullish trend, with potential resistance levels on the horizon.
04-Apr-2024 Deepak Choudhary
CHO Token: 600% Surge Signals Upside Potential

Exploring CHO Token's Surge and's Strategic Evolution

They say “when Bitcoin is down, everything is down”. Well, that’s not quite true. Despite Bitcoin dropping over the last 24 hours, the CHO token surged by more than 31% on April 3, adding to its remarkable 885% increase in value since early February. It was also reported that CHO experienced a rapid 90% surge just after Bitcoin’s retracement from its new all-time high (ATH) in March. For those unfamiliar with the token, CHO is issued by, a platform backed by a seven-year history of development in the realms of digital and crypto banking services.

But what’s the reason behind this sudden spike? It all started amid community anticipation of a major announcement from the team about the update in the project’s tokenomics, as previously hinted on website. Now, it’s official, but there’s much more to the story. is making a strategic turn towards enterprise and B2B markets and will merge with Vault, a platform building digital/crypto banking infrastructure for enterprise clients. Together, they will evolve into the ecosystem, where CHO holders will be able to stake their tokens and earn up to 20% rewards from the ecosystem's B2B revenue. 

From now on, is preparing to provide comprehensive solutions in CEX/DEX, AI, and RWA financial sectors to top-tier teams and serve as a key element of

CHO token’s daily performance. Source: CoinMarketCap

Now, let's delve deeper into what else has been happening for, Vault, and the CHO token, and what could potentially lie ahead for inventors in the company’s projects.’s past triumphs paved the way for present success, which evolved from Crypterium, has invested millions in developing an infrastructure that today serves over 1 million clients in need of digital and crypto services, including buying and exchanging crypto, accessing bank cards, and making deposits. 

The CHO token was launched in 2022, at a time when Bitcoin was at $19,000 and Ethereum slightly above $1,000. With the prevailing sentiment suggesting a descent to negative values rather than zero, some might perceive this move as bold amidst such a significant downturn. However, the founder, Vladimir Gorbunov, and the team knew that they were doing the right thing, and their will was unshakeable. 

The token's price surged by 180% just days after its launch, reaching $1.38 within a month, and has maintained a stable trajectory without any major drops during 2022. Holders used it for staking, participating in voting for initiatives, covering gas fees, and other purposes.’s innovation in making all things CeFi and DeFi available through a single interface fostered a positive atmosphere among CHO holders during the period of crypto winter and helped the company preserve through the tough times.

In 2023, Vault saw daylight, born out of the response to the increasing demand for crypto-friendly solutions in both banking and fintech sectors post-crypto winter. Since its introduction, Gorbunov has dropped subtle hints about how CHO holders will benefit more from the’s tokenomics also expanding into B2B. 

This encouraged the project’s community to rush into CHO with a vengeance regardless of an unstable market, which once again underscored the token’s low correlation with Bitcoin’s moves and the solid strength of its underlying development.

Each contract signed by Vault surpasses $400,000, with revenue being predictably robust due to low competition in the sector. With clients spanning 170 countries, more than 40 signed contracts exceeding $18 million, and current revenue exceeding $20 million, projected earnings could potentially soar to $180 million by 2025.

Yes, with all the positive news and the token's price still on the rise, do technical indicators confirm the upward trend?

Where is CHO headed?

The price of CHO has surged by almost 600% since last month, with its market cap mirroring this uptick. The token’s trading volume is also increasing, up by almost 34% in the past 24 hours, which indicates a growing interest in CHO. If we take a closer look at the technical indicators, we can spot a confirmation of the bullish trend, with moving averages crossing, signaling a breakout.

We're also seeing lots of green candles on the chart that indicate a rising price and control from buyers, which is good news for the CHO token. Testing shorter-term moving averages without closing below them suggests they're acting as a dynamic support. Buyers are becoming more confident and willing to pay higher prices for the CHO token over time, which is another signal of the upside potential that it currently has.

While the upcoming Bitcoin halving has heightened bullish sentiments, these CHO movements appear to be more closely linked to project development rather than market sentiment alone.

CHO is currently hovering just above the resistance level of $0.09623. If it successfully breaks through, it will encounter another resistance at $0.123, followed by a larger one at $0.193. Taking the overall positive sentiment and excitement surrounding the ecosystem into account, reaching these levels is highly probable. However, potential buyers should still keep an eye on the above-mentioned and other technical indicators before making any decisions.


Shifting towards enterprise/B2B operations appears to be the most logical move for and Vault, positioning them as major players in the crypto industry. And now that the ecosystem is in play, everyone’s excited to see what else they have up their sleeves. As for the CHO token, most of the things seem to be pointing toward a positive trend. However, it’s worth noting that the crypto market is always on the move and major changes, unrelated to project development, or shifts in global sentiment about crypto could alter the landscape. 

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