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Best 5 Apps to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrency in India

25 Dec 2021 By : Coin Gabbar
Best 5 Apps to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrency in India

Best apps to buy and invest in cryptocurrency in India

Cryptocurrencies are making room in our society very steadily. There are many apps and platforms available online to make cryptocurrency investment and trading even easier for the user. However, not everything is as easy as installing apps.

The state of cryptocurrency in India is not clear till now, as the government is in the process of regulating crypto because of the concerns of spreading illegal practices and levity. Although, crypto exchanges and apps are presently available to use in India. Nearly all exchanges are accessible and have mobile applications that investors can utilize to check their accounts, view prices, make trades, send crypto, and more.

Why can't all platforms be trusted?

Each app has a certain user experience and outshines the others. But not all of them are authentic. There are many horror stories on the web of hackers defrauding traders from poorly protected cryptocurrency exchanges for their profit, making it all the more necessary to choose a secure crypto trading platform carefully before your investment.

Cryptocurrency fraud has taken a huge leap in recent years. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received approximately 7000complaints of cryptocurrency investment scams from October 2020 to March 312021, the number was 570 in the same period last year. Reported losses increased 10 times and reached around $80 million.

This is why we have compared the best apps that Indians can use for their daily crypto tasks while keeping informed about the latest market trends wherever they are.

Best apps to buy and trade cryptocurrency in India

Here is the below-mentioned list that includes the best app options we’ve compared and checked that Indian investors have to monitor their crypto portfolios and make transactions anywhere.


Binance App India

This Binance app is the most massive exchange in the world by trading volume and has a mobile app under a superior user interface. The Binance India app has numerous features that will make it smooth for Indian users to buy digital currencies with rupees or other payment methods such as UPI or Paytm.

Binance also has a Binance Academy app where users can go through more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In this Binance India app, users will be informed about their holdings and will be able to keep an eye on their crypto wallets, trading charts, and open trades.


WazirX App India

It is a very popular crypto trading platform and app in India. Currently, Binance owns the company, therefore it is free to transfer assets from Binance to WazirX. The app is easy to use and also has characteristics you will require to trade, view assets, and send or purchase crypto. They have  WazirX applications for Android, Google Play, iOS, Windows, and Mac. WazirX claims to have an Indian - focused app along with fast transaction speeds and a great user experience as well.


Coinbase App India

Coinbase has a massive presence internationally as they are a U.S - based company. Their mobile app is indicated as one of the easiest to use, perfect for novice investors seeking to make simple and secure crypto transactions. The app is great for keeping users up to date about the markets with price alerts, news, and learning opportunities. The app too offers chances to purchase, sell, trade, and convert crypto and earn rewards by watching short videos. Indians may set up Coinbaseaccounts and download the mobile app on each primary app store.


CoinSpot App India

CoinSpot is an Australian crypto exchange that provides users with an easy and elegant mobile solution. It enables users to open all account characters, seamlessly trade from their huge coin selection, and look at all pricing charts and data. This CoinSpot is a big international app for crypto trading with a few of the best security characteristics and oversight from Blockchain Australia, the country’s blockchain industry body.



It is an absolute, easy-to-use, and flexible crypto trading app. It claims to be trusted by more than 4 million users for its cryptocurrency investments. There are over 200 crypto tokens to trade on the app, and getting started is effortless. The signup process is simplified and needs a one-time password (OTP) to the user’s mobile number along with an email address. This app places a huge prominence on security - it is insured by BitGo, all passwords and personal data are encrypted and 95% of all funds are stored in multi-sig cold wallets. This app has been backed by a few of the top investors in the crypto space like Coinbase Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Polychain Capital, and BitMex.


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