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5 Best Crypto Exchanges in India that You Cannot Miss to Know!


Here is a comprehensive list of Indian Crypto Trading platforms with their unique features to help you choose the best out of them.

17-Feb-2023 Sudeep Saxena
5 Best Crypto Exchanges in India that You Cannot Miss to Know!

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online marketplaces where different cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold. Like any other major exchange, these marketplaces act as a platform for connecting buyers and sellers. There are numerous crypto exchange platforms where traders may simply buy, sell, and trade a variety of cryptocurrencies. Even if the Indian government hasn't made up its mind on cryptocurrency, the country has more of them than anywhere else.

The top Cryptocurrencies Exchange in India will provide easy access to numerous cryptocurrencies at low trading fees. When it comes to customer service and transparency, trading platforms that adhere to regulations always come out on top.

Let’s take a look at some of the top Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India, where you can effortlessly invest your money. They have unique features and varied crypto assets to choose from.

Superior Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange with Competitive Fees

  • Binance

  • CoinDCX

  • KuCoin 

  • WazirX 

  • SunCrypto

Binance Exchange

When considering liquidity, trading volume, and the total number of users, Binance emerges as the greatest cryptocurrency exchange platform available. The user-friendly trading software allows for straightforward Margin Trading.

Binance's Margin Trading option is only available to verified users from countries that are not blacklisted on the Binance trading platform. The Margin Insurance Fund integrated into the trading platform safeguards the overall liquidity of the platform.

In the event of a trader's insolvency or bankruptcy, while using margin, the trading platform will use funds from the Margin Insurance Fund to repay the trader's loan.

Margin requirements on Binance range from a minimum of 5X for Spot Trading to a high of 125X for Derivatives Trading. In addition, Binance's trading platform allows users to engage in Margin Trading with Leveraged Tokens.

Another benefit of investing in Leveraged Tokens is that investors don't have to worry about keeping up with the trading platform's margin requirements. Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that also offers to trade in options, derivatives, and other financial instruments.


A Blockchain Wallet is included with the user-friendly CoinDCX platform, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange. There is no larger cryptocurrency trading platform in India than this one, and it has received a spectacular investment from the Coinbase Company.

In addition to fostering widespread cryptocurrency trading in India, the site provides education for newcomers. The INR price of Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies may be quickly and easily viewed on this trading platform at any time. There is a low trading charge on this platform, and it supports a wide variety of crypto assets.

Using the CoinDCX platform is risk-free. Just 5% of all the cryptocurrency that users have on file is kept in their Hot Wallets. Rest assured, that not even a member of the CoinDCX staff will have access to your private details. Your privacy matters !

CoinDCX's Notification settings and Two-Factor Authentication features add an extra layer of protection to every trade. Futures Trading is one of the features available on the CoinDCX trading platform, along with 20X Leverage. UPI, IMPS, Net Banking, and other widely used payment systems are all supported as immediate payment gateways.


Nischal Shetty launched his revolutionary cryptocurrency trading platform, WazirX, in 2017. A lot of Indians use this cryptocurrency exchange platform, thus it must be good.

If you're a crypto trader in India, you can take advantage of the platform's P2P exchange services. This trading platform works equally well on Windows, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. WazirX is the latest cryptocurrency exchange platform to be acquired by Binance, the industry leader.

You can use Indian Rupees, US Dollars, Bitcoin (BTC), and peer-to-peer (P2P) investments on this Crypto Trading platform. With Indian Rupees (INR), users of the WazirX platform can acquire the platform's native Crypto Coin (also known as WRX).

Then, you may trade in your WRX coins for your preferred cryptocurrency. The WazirX trading app includes a section under "Information" where users may learn about the platform's many coin-earning contests.

By enabling Two-Factor Authentication in your smartphone's settings, or by utilizing a Passcode within the trading app itself, registered customers can simply safeguard their trading account.


One more well-known cryptocurrency trading site, KuCoin (formerly known as "People's Exchange"), launched in Hong Kong in 2017. Mainly, they wanted to provide a safe and easy way for people to trade various forms of digital currency with one another.

Currently, they have over 11 million members, making a significant impact in the world of cryptocurrency. Kucoin is a trustworthy and secure Crypto Trading Platform that serves over 200 different nations. It supports a large number of different cryptocurrencies, including some that have only recently been released.

In addition, it offers very low trading expenses, no fees for making deposits or withdrawals, and sufficient safety features. Low Trading Volumes and Coinsurances contribute to the seldom occurrence of liquidity problems. When the trading platform is busy, you may have some difficulties.

It is the goal of this platform to streamline the trading process in order to make access to financial services more universal. Complete verification on the KuCoin trading platform is performed only in cases of suspicious activity or when the withdrawal limit exceeds 2 BTC in 24 hours. Partial verification is sufficient for normal use of the platform. Two-factor authentication is another security feature offered by the trading platform.


When it comes to low trading fees and liquidity, SunCrypto is India's top cryptocurrency exchange. 8,00,000+ active users in India trust SunCrypto for seamless transactions and varied options to choose from.  Within the plethora of amazing features, the best feature SunCrypto offers is the secured and insured transactions.
You can trade cryptocurrencies using Indian rupees on the SunCrypto platform. Because SunCrypto is a centralized exchange where you may directly acquire cryptocurrency by depositing your money on the exchange. 

Founded by Mr. Umesh Kumar and Mr. Pramod Yadav, SunCrypto is a Jaipur based Startup that attracted a lot of attention from crypto investors in India. Its transparency and cold wallet feature has instilled a sense of trustworthiness and people around the country are using Suncrypto

Account creation on SunCrypto is a simple and quick process of just 5 minutes. With easy KYC, secured and insured trade options, best price and hasslefree transactions, Suncrypto is definitely a good pick for all your crypto investment needs !


We are not wrong to believe that crypto is the future of all investment needs and selecting the best trading platform could be confusing and tiresome. Hope our comprehensive analysis served the purpose, you could also bookmark this for any future reference!

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