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Big Bulls of the Blockchain Industry

01 Sep 2022 By : Anirudh Trivedi
Big Bulls of the Blockchain Industry

Key Takeaways

  • Blockchain is a distributed network of nodes that maintain a shared and immutable database

  • Global businesses are investing heavily in blockchain-based start-ups without making a hush

  • Google, Samsung, Microsoft, PayPal, and Citi Group are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in blockchain businesses

  • Alphabet, the parent company of Google has recently invested $1500+ million in blockchain start-ups

Blockchain is revolutionizing the concepts of money, businesses, and consumerism. With the development of more secure, easier-to-use, and effective technologies, the blockchain industry has gained the confidence of the masses. The adaptive technologies are attracting the finest of innovations and emerging as lucrative investment opportunities. 

Not long ago, the market was flooded with investors, investing in almost anything closely related to blockchain. However, the recent market correction has induced a sense of fear amongst the investors resulting in a sudden drop in liquid within the industry. Leveraging these market conditions, titan tech investors have strengthened their grip on the blockchain by running new rounds of investments.  

In the article ahead, we are going to understand the reasons behind these investments, who are making them, and the effect that these investments will bring to the blockchain space. 

Why are Business Giants Investing in Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has become the core of decentralized finance by automating the regulation through code. This was the first time that people could transact their assets with zero intervention and control of the governments. A technology that has the potential to transform the entire value transfer mechanism could be foundational to future tech. The top guns of tech businesses have been monitoring the latest blockchain developments and trends closely to cope with the trendy technologies.

However, the present bearish market has given them adequate space, time, and potential returns to enter the blockchain world. A sudden rise of investments in the blockchain world is a result of ideal market entry conditions backed by the quality of innovation happening in the blockchain space. 

Top Global Companies Investing in Blockchain

The time has come when global business leaders are not shying away from investing heavily in blockchain businesses. Here is a detailed list of companies that are investing millions of dollars in the blockchain without breaking the news. 

Alphabet Inc. (Google)

From being one of the largest to one of the most profitable business organizations in the world, Alphabet Inc. needs no introduction. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and its other sub-divisions. Being at the core of the internet, Google is leading the entire tech world excluding the blockchain. However, with its recent rounds of investments, Alphabet is trying to fill this gap. 

Investing over 1500+ million USD in Fireblocks, Dapper Labs, Voltage, and Digital Currency Group, Alphabet has become a dominant investor in the blockchain world. Covering the spheres of blockchain gaming, crypto custody, and lighting, Alphabet’s investments are diversified over multiple sectors. This indicates the potential that Google is seeing in the future of blockchain technology. 

Morgan Stanley

Starting in 1935, Morgan Stanley is a leading force in multinational investment management and financial services. Known for its bold investment strategies, Morgan Stanley has gained immense trust in the finance world during the last 80+ years. Morgan Stanley can directly benefit from their $1100+ million investment by implementing blockchain to its core. 

Morgan Stanley has invested heavily in Figment, a leading blockchain infrastructure provider along with NYDIG, a start-up that is working towards making Bitcoin accessible for all. Both of these projects resonate with the idea of Morgan Stanley’s business model and could become a bridge for the organization to tackle the generational shift. 


Samsung is the largest South Korean chaebol with the 8th largest brand value in the world. With multiple businesses under its umbrella, Samsung is a leading tech market force. With its present market grip, Samsung has the potential to change the entire discourse of blockchain adoption. By releasing its own ‘Samsung Blockchain’ and investing in over 13 rounds of blockchain start-up funding, Samsung has made its take clear on the future of blockchain. 

Samsung has invested over $900 million in 13+ blockchain startups including Yugalabs, Atomic Form, Metrika, and BigWhale Labs. Samsung is also working towards developing its own crypto environment with its recent attempts in launching its own crypto wallet, a crypto exchange, and other related products. 


With $10 trillion worth of assets under management, the name BlackRock needs no introduction. BlackRock is the world's largest multinational investment management organization and has recently been in the news for being bullish on the future of blockchain. By investing just over $1,150 million in blockchain businesses, BlackRock is indicating its interest in ongoing blockchain adoption. 

Just like Morgan Stanley, BlackRock is making its moves to advance toward blockchain integration at its core. BlackRock’s significant investments revolve around Circle, FTX Exchange, and Anchorage Digital. The Shift of these traditional finance heavyweights towards blockchain technology signifies the role that blockchain has to play in our relative future. 


Being a major proponent of digital currencies for a long time, PayPal is now going full-fledged in crypto integration for its platform. By raising $650 million in four rounds of crypto start-up funding, PayPal is taking its blockchain stakes to another level. PayPal leads the Fintech world in crypto adoption and its bullish take on the blockchain has made it possible for its users to buy, hold, and share their crypto assets. 

Talos, Layer Zero, TRM, and Anchorage Digital hold the majority part of PayPal’s blockchain portfolio. Apart from this, PayPal’s team has also made it clear with their public statements that the volatility in the crypto is going to go down as the market matures. 


Microsoft was one of the first mainstream platforms that had accepted cryptos as a mode of payment for their leading platforms. With multiple blockchain projects under its hood, Microsoft has already deployed a major project on Bitcoin Network as a second-layer solution. 

Embracing the new-age tech, Microsoft is all set to compete with Meta and create its own Metaverse. A couple of rounds of blockchain investments made Microsoft a stockholder of Palm and Consensys, both being foundationally strong to deliver their value proposition.  


Tencent Holdings Ltd. is a Chinese tech and entertainment conglomerate popular for its video game development studios. Tencent Games has become the world’s largest video gaming vendor after the groundbreaking success of PUBG: Battlegrounds. However, only a few of us know that Tencent Holdings also has a strong arm in venture capital. 

Tencent’s recent rounds of investments have made it invest over $220 million in four blockchain projects Oxalis, Ethernity, Showcon, and Immutable. Oxalis and Immutable are blockchain gaming studios, resonating with the interests of Tencent.  

What Lies in the Future

Investments in blockchain start-ups are significant for the development of a core functioning unit within the organization. In unfavorable market situations when money is exiting the crypto ecosystem, the above-mentioned investments will enable blockchain technology to regain its authority as a sustainable means of investment. 

These investments are not only significant for start-ups but can also assist the investors to evolve their business functioning by introducing blockchain’s efficiency. Crypto market volatility does not reflect the potential that blockchain technology withholds, making it an undeniable aspect of our connected future.