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5 Tokens Defying Bitcoin Drop to Yet Another Low

Key Takeaways
  • CHO leads crypto surge, fueled by BingX listing and's ambitious B2B transition.
  • NULS, LEVER, PSP, and TPT show promise but CHO steals the spotlight with consistent growth.
  • Analysts anticipate CHO's trajectory amid rumors of a potential blockchain launch.
26-Apr-2024 Deepak Choudhary
5 Tokens Defying Bitcoin Drop to Yet Another Low

Altcoins Surge: CHO Leads as Tokens Outshine Bitcoin

Bitcoin is once again trading around $62,800, following an unsuccessful attempt to breach the $66,000 resistance. Even if it were to reach its all-time high of $73,000 again, it still wouldn't match the staggering 800% price surge witnessed by certain tokens in just three months. One such standout is CHO, currently outperforming two of the major currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. Discover which other tokens are holding firm and poised for upside potential despite Bitcoin's fluctuations.


With its recent listing on BingX on April 25th, CHO is being introduced to over 10 million people who use this top-notch CEX with some pretty advanced features and daily trades closing the billion mark. Now, the special ‘CHO listing carnival’ event takes place, enabling users to trade CHO/USDT pairs on BingX and get awesome rewards. 

Depositing a minimum of 1,000 CHO (approximately 100 USDT) earns a 10% cashback and a share of the 166,666 CHO prize pool. To qualify for an additional batch of 166,667 CHO tokens that will be shared with participants, one must achieve a minimum CHO spot trading volume of 100 USDT, with rewards based on trading volume proportionally.

CHO prize pool

Although this is great news, the BingX listing is not the only factor contributing to CHO’s price uprise. It began in February 2024 amidst speculation about's business reorganization. When the company confirmed its transition to the B2B sector, excitement grew, fueled by the team's proven success with Vault's multimillion-dollar deals. As B2B became the focus, merged with Vault to create, sparking further excitement. The announcement that would share up to 20% of Vault's revenue with CHO stakers intensified interest. Staking CHO will earn holders VLT tokens, that initially won't be tradeable on exchanges but exclusively credited to stakers as a thank-you gesture.

By then, CHO had surged by 690% since February, hitting a 10-month high of $0.143. While expecting continual growth across all months would be unrealistic, it's noteworthy that CHO has consistently maintained positive month-to-month and trading volume performance. April concludes with CHO trading at $0.08, compared to $0.068 at the month's outset. One of the popular crypto analysts, Mags, recently shared his bullish sentiment on the token, mentioning how he’s accumulating during this minor pullback and anticipating it to run higher sometime soon.

Constantly polishing the craft and coming up with solutions that matter worldwide, not to mention giving back to the folks who support this team, might just send CHO's price soaring even higher in the months ahead. 


NULS is a developer-friendly platform for developers who want to create a wide range of blockchain and Web3-related applications, even for those without prior blockchain experience, in a cost-effective and time-saving manner.  Its ecosystem comprises ENULS blockchain, NULS ChainBox, NULS SCO for token issuance and distribution, and various other products.  

NULS has also developed NULS Wallets, including the NULS Desktop Wallet and Nabox Wallet, and offers several third-party wallets, some of which feature crypto staking. 

NULS Wallets

NULS provides its community with several avenues to earn through their NULS token. This includes staking it on Consensus, staking it with SCO projects to earn the project tokens instead of NULS, and the option to stake it with third-party platforms.

The NULS token is currently trading at around $0.74, but this recent peak could quickly lead to another drop to $0.65. It has been consolidating within this price range for a couple of weeks, so traders should exercise caution when considering investments at this time.


LeverFi, a rebranded version of RAMP, provides infrastructure for global Web3 ecosystems through OmniZK, LeverPro, LeverTrade, and NeptunExchange. OmniZK serves for the development of Bitcoin applications, LeverPro functions as a Bitcoin DeFi system enabling token minting, LeverTrade operates as a lending and trading platform on Ethereum, and NeptunExchange serves as a swap platform built on Solana. Therefore, LeverFi's ecosystem is truly a mixed bag where everyone can find something for themselves.


And, just as LeverFi is a rebranded version of RAMP, RAMP token is now a LEVER token. LEVER serves a different purpose for all of the above-mentioned products within the LeverFi ecosystem. For example, staking LEVER earns you LEVP (LevelPro points), granting priority access to the launchpad and new ICOs. Whoever stakes LEVER also qualifies for a trading fee discount program, lender incentive programs, and more.

LeverFi is successfully maintaining the community's interest in their token through airdrops; however, it's only a matter of time before this strategy becomes outdated.


ParaSwap simplifies the complexities of liquidity pools, providing seamless navigation for both individuals and institutions, ensuring secure pathways to intelligent trading decisions. This DeFi aggregator seamlessly combines the advantages of decentralized exchanges and lending protocols through a robust API. 

Integrating over 100 protocols, ParaSwap offers the best prices on the market, aggregates real-time quotes from trusted market makers, and optimizes yield among other things. 


The PSP token has risen by 11.20% since last week, partly due to the announced partnership with AutoLayer. Specifically, AutoLayer has integrated ParaSwap V5’s swap engine, which is expected to enhance our liquidity routing and provide users with access to deep, smart liquidity. 

While partnerships are beneficial in the short term in Web3, sustaining long-term growth requires additional factors. Hence, it may only be a matter of time before PSP begins to decline from these levels.


Token Pocket is a DeFi wallet that supports crypto swaps, purchases, and has mobile, desktop, and hardware versions . It processes over 30 million transactions on a daily basis and has a base of over 20 million users. Additionally, it supports popular tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as lesser-known ones such as Aptos, EOS, and IOST, along with NFTs.

Some of the Token Pocket's best features include simplified distribution and claim of airdropped tokens, private key generation, batch sending, version verification, and approval detection, among others.


The actual driver behind the current TPT price is the recent announcement of new features, including trending dApps, hot era, memecoin tools, latest crypto news, and security tools, all of which contribute to the value of the Token Pocket ecosystem.

While introducing new features and updates is beneficial, infrequent releases and extended periods of inactivity can have a long-term impact on the token price. Regarding the TPT token price, it has consistently traded between $0.006 and $0.007 throughout its existence, raising questions about whether it will significantly increase in value.


Tokens like CHO, NULS, LEVER, PSP, and TPT have been in the spotlight for the last couple of days, showing growth that outshines Bitcoin, whose performance has been rather sluggish since the halving event. However, although each of these 5 tokens holds great potential, it’s impossible to overlook the recent increased activity surrounding CHO, as the team shows no signs of slowing down and continues to prepare exciting initiatives for both the existing community and the ones yet to become. Interestingly, in his post about CHO, crypto analyst Mags hinted at circulating rumors that the team is preparing to launch its own blockchain, adding further suspense to the ecosystem’s vibrant evolution.

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