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Bitgert Coin's 70% Monthly Surge Forecasts an Impressive 800% Upswing

Key Takeaways
  • Bitgert Coin surges 70% monthly, indicating an 800% potential upswing, attracting investor attention.
  • Unique tokenomics, including aggressive buyback and burn programs, aim to reduce supply and increase value, appealing to investors.
  • Partnerships with Forward Protocol and XP.NETWORK, plus plans for a major European exchange listing, signal Bitgert's growth and market potential.
26-Mar-2024 Simran Mishra
Bitgert Coin's 70% Monthly Surge Forecasts an Impressive 800% Upswing

Bitgert's 70% Monthly Surge Hints at Massive 800% Upsurge

Bitgert Coin Surges 70% Monthly, Eyes 800% Growth Amid Partnerships


Bitgert has been the talk of the town ever since its inception and the recent pump is a testament to that.

The current Bitgert price today is $0.0000002589 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,859,523. There has been a pump of 83.21% in the last month.


There has been a positive trend in the token’s price since the start of the year. Investors in the token are keeping their fingers crossed that the token’s strong performance will carry over throughout the remainder of the year. The unique tokenomics and focus on user incentives, nevertheless, set this initiative apart and increase the token’s appeal to investors.

What makes Bitgert so special?

Bitgert coin has a maximum supply of 1 quadrillion and a total supply of 427 trillion. The coin’s distribution is as follows:

  • 50% — Initial Burn

  • 38% — Liquidity

  • 7% — Future Development and Marketing

  • 5% — Developer Team

38.31% of this supply is already in circulation. It is currently trading on 17 exchanges.

Some unique factors which interest the investors include Bitgert’s uniquely aggressive buyback and burn program and near zero gas fees.

Bitgert has implemented a buyback concept to increase the attractiveness of holding BRISE. Each transaction incurs a 5% buyback tax, with a portion of these funds used to purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. The bought-back tokens are then burned, reducing the token supply and potentially increasing its value.

Recently, the team burned around 2 Trillion $BRISE to reduce the supply and bring immense benefits to the community. 

If the team burns BRISE tokens in enough amounts the Bitgert coin value may improve and potentially surpass its current ATH.

As the Bitgert ecosystem continues to evolve and mature, its exceptional tokenomics elements will likely continue to be key drivers in the valuation of Bitgert.

Bitgert has been in the news because of its partnerships and developments. Recent partnerships and integrations include Forward Protocol integrating with Bitgert blockchain, now developers can deploy dApps using their network. Also, now you can bridge your NFTs to Bitgert blockchain using XP.NETWORK.

It is also all set to be listed on a major European exchange.


Investors are rushing in to buy the hottest new altcoins in the market as we enter this bull run.

But amongst all the altcoins out there, one has managed to capture investor attention at all levels. Bitgert seems to be a good bet given the current market activity. 

But don’t forget to DYOR before making any long term investments.

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