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Rising Expectations: Expert Points to Bitgert Coin Reaching $0.00001

Key Takeaways
  • Bitgert Coin is a fast Layer-1 blockchain with zero fees, an NFT market, and more services for users.
  • Bitgert partners with Forward, Omniachain, ColdStack, and others, boosting its ecosystem and apps.
  • Experts say Bitgert's price may hit $0.0001 soon, offering big returns for investors with its deflationary system.
28-Mar-2024 Simran Mishra
Rising Expectations: Expert Points to Bitgert Coin Reaching $0.00001

Bitgert Coin's Impressive Momentum Towards $0.00001 Excites Investors

The last bull run was euphoric for the crypto market, with many cryptocurrencies reaching their new all-time highs and the market cap reaching a market cap of $3 trillion. The FTX scandal and the Terra-Luna crash caused the market to tumble down in a series of related events and dominoes. Two long years, and the crypto market is back to its roaring glory in 2024.  

It’s that time of the bull market when altcoins mirror Bitcoin moves and chart even higher gains. As themes like tokenization take over the world, the demand for L1s supporting such use cases will skyrocket in the coming years. 

Investors seeking multi-bagger gains this season must look for small—to mid-cap L1 tokens with extreme upside potential and solid fundamentals to support that growth. One such coin is Bitgert. 

Bitgert is a powerful Layer-1 blockchain with a TPS of 100K transactions per second. It is the first zero-gas L1, giving tough competition to the likes of Solana, which suffers from bot attacks and spam congestion. 

Let’s look at the credentials that make Bitgert a top contender in the L1 race and have huge potential for a rally in the future.

Bitgert ecosystem has its own set of native offerings. It has a zero-trading-fee CEX, an NFT marketplace, Miidas, A P2P crypto exchange, a payment gateway, and its own startup incubator, Startup Studio. Startup Studio helps startups raise funds via public and private sales. 

Bitgert has partnered with Forward, Omniachain, ColdStack, ChainGPT, ArchLoot, and many others. The ecosystem also hosts numerous applications built on top of the L1. 

Experts predict Bitgert’s price will reach $0.0001 in the coming months. This is evident from Bitgert’s price movements and the performance on technical grounds. Despite facing corrections, Bitgert’s monthly gains sit well above that of the larger crypto market. Bitgert has gained 70% in the last 30 days, and the technical signals point to an even better picture. 

MACD and RSI show buy signals and point to building investor momentum. BItgert has successfully tested its moving averages and is moving towards reclaiming the monthly high of $0.0000004. 

One interesting feature of the Bitgert token is that it is deflationary. This means that each time you transact in Bitgert, 12% of the transaction value gets burned and lost forever. As adoption increases and BItgert gains prominence, the token becomes scarcer and more valuable. 

Investor who are early are going to benefit the most from the price gains.  Already, Bitgert has granted a 40,000% ROI to its investors, and as the price prediction fulfills itself, Bitgert’s rise will be parabolic. 

Bitgert token BRISe is a token with great investment potential, offering multi-bagger returns to its investors. Are you ready to capture the pump? 

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