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Analysts Upbeat as Bitgert Coin Climbs 70% in a Month, Foresee 700% Upswing

Key Takeaways
  • Bitgert's recent surge of 70% in a month hints at a potential 700% upswing, appealing to investors seeking high returns.
  • With robust tokenomics, a deflationary mechanism, and impressive transaction speeds, Bitgert stands out in the altcoin market.
  • Backed by a strong community, strategic partnerships, and upcoming listings, Bitgert's trajectory suggests promising growth and competitive advantages.
27-Mar-2024 Simran Mishra
Analysts Upbeat as Bitgert Coin Climbs 70% in a Month, Foresee 700% Upswing

Bitgert Coin Soars 70% in a Month, Set to Scale 700% Growth Path


It’s that time of the bull market when every coin looks like pumping gold. Whale Bitcoin and the top tokens remain favorites among investors. Finding the gem in the stack is a tall order, even for seasoned investors. 

Investors seeking a treasure can take a rest, for here’s a token that jumped 70% in a month and looks ripe for a 700% upswing in the coming months. 

Yes, Bitgert jumped by 70% in a mere 30 days, outpacing the larger market and blessing investors with great returns. The token is still a mid-cap token with extreme upside potential as use cases like RWA take center stage. 

While Bitcoin remains the undisputed leader at $70K, the altcoin battle is just heating up. Let's explore what makes BItgert a promising token for the coming months. 

Bitgert Price Analysis

Bitgert reached a high of $0.0000004  and has soaked in 70% gains in the last 30 days. The token has started an uptrend after forming several lower highs. Bitgert reached its monthly low and started to retrace its gains. 

Technical indicators suggest a buy signal. MACD levels and moving averages also suggest a strong buy signal. The indicators show building market momentum and positive investor sentiment. The BItgert token looks ready to enter a price rally and break previous highs.   

Bitgert’s native token, BRISE, has robust tokenomics and a deflationary mechanism. Every time, 12% of the transaction value is burned, making Bitgert’s supply scarce against the rising demand. This in return, will push Bitgert’s prices higher up. 

Bitgert’s token has a fixed supply of 1quadrillion.

Bitgert is a layer-1 blockchain with a powerfully high transaction speed of upto 100K TPS. Not even Solana, Ethereum, or Injective can currently match this speed. Unlike other blockchains, it has a negligible fee and has earned the title of zero-gas blockchain. 

Bitgert has a host of native offerings, including a full-fledged CEX, a P2P crypto exchange, an NFT marketplace, and a suite of developer products. It has partnered with Omniachain, Forward, ChainGPT, and many other big names in the industry. Bitgert will also be listed on Binance soon. 

With an 800K-strong community and rapidly increasing adoption of its use cases and affordability, Bitgert is poised for greater dominance than you can imagine. 

BItgert’s 700% returns are assured 

Bitgert has given its investors an ROI of 40,000% since the launch. Bitgert has been extensively building the ecosystem, bringing valuable projects to the crypto community. As its price prediction fulfills itself, Bitgert will likely flip many L1s and rise higher up the price charts rewarding the investors. 

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