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CHO Token Thrives Amid Market Downturns: BingX Listing & SMPC Tech

Key Takeaways
  • Despite Bitcoin's struggles,'s CHO token soared, fueled by innovative developments.
  • With a resilient market position and upcoming BingX listing, CHO presents a strategic investment.
  •'s innovations, including SMPC wallet and BSC expansion, forecast sustained growth for CHO.
19-Apr-2024 Deepak Choudhary
CHO Token Thrives Amid Market Downturns: BingX Listing & SMPC Tech

CHO Token Surges Amidst Market Turbulence: Innovations Propel Growth

The first half of April turned out to be tough for Bitcoin (BTC) and major altcoins. BTC started the month with a sharp drop to the $65,000 price level, facing strong selling pressure around the $72,000 resistance area. Over the past fortnight, it has been trying to recover, but the past weekend saw increased tensions in the Middle East, forcing the crypto market to plunge again. To date, Bitcoin remains in negative price territory, registering a month-to-date decline of nearly 8%. 

As the original cryptocurrency keeps struggling to regain its losses ahead of halving, savvy investors seek safe havens among small-cap altcoins that buck Bitcoin’s current downturn. The prime example is the (CHO) token, which has been on an uptrend throughout April, registering a 134.5% surge in value. 

Earlier, Coin Gabbar reported that CHO had spiked by nearly 600% in March alone, fueled by the upcoming emergence of the ecosystem and the further distribution of a share of its growing B2B revenue among CHO token stakers. The asset got another boost in early April after it became known that the new crypto-powered Mastercard debit cards would be available for order on the platform. 

Since then, a few other game-changing updates from the company have made a lot of noise in the crypto community. The overall optimism was further bolstered by the impending new listing of CHO on BingX, one of the leading centralized exchanges (CEX) with 10 million users worldwide, which is likely to significantly enhance the token's accessibility and trading volume. Moreover, made a couple of big revelations that backed the positive price dynamics of CHO and envisioned its potential for even more substantial gains in the long term. 

Fortnight of Fortitude: Tracking CHO Token's Resilient Market Position

On April 3, declared a strategic evolution into, poised to lead the emerging enterprise sector with unparalleled financial solutions for businesses. This move implied the platform’s merger with Vault, the B2B company founded by the same team, which has been instrumental in delivering institutional-grade digital/crypto banking products and APIs. 

Promptly following the announcement, the CHO token soared to a 10-month peak of $0.143 on April 9, marking an impressive 189% surge. This uptrend highlighted the market's optimism regarding's pivot to capitalize on Vault’s rapid financial success and target the high-potential niche.


CoinGecko: CHO hits its 10-month high

The demand for CHO surged accordingly, as evidenced by its market cap and trading volume peaking at $15.6 million and $3 million, respectively. And the reason for that was the team’s intention to grant token holders a stake in’s future growth. The company said it would share up to 20% of its B2B revenue, projected to hit $180 million by 2025, with CHO owners. 


CoinGecko: CHO’s increased market cap and trading volume

Although the token experienced some price corrections after its initial rally, the unveiling of additional details concerning a new revenue-sharing model further bolstered investor confidence. On April 12, it was revealed that this initiative would be supported by the forthcoming VLT token. will use VLT to distribute Vault’s earnings exclusively among CHO token stakers based on their investment category and the amount of CHO staked. 

By initially restricting VLT to primary and secondary markets, will foster a distinctive ecosystem where its users will be the first to access the benefits ensured by its business expansion. The synergy between CHO and VLT added another layer of desirability and stability to the CHO/USDT trading pair, helping the token stabilize above the $0.10 level.

Despite the positive developments, the broader market dynamics over the past weekend impacted CHO's trajectory amid rising geopolitical tensions. On April 14, the token momentarily dipped below $0.07. However, it managed to rebound to $0.09 in a matter of days. 


CoinGecko: CHO’s swift recovery after the recent downturn

This underscored the resilience of CHO amidst market volatility and reflected the ongoing investor interest spurred by’s B2B revenue sharing. But the story doesn’t end here. 

New SMPC Technology to Expand CHO’s Utility, Token Goes Live on Binance Smart Chain

Just today, the team unveiled the next important milestones for both and CHO that constitute the ecosystem’s ambitious and dynamic roadmap. They divulged their commitment to setting a new standard in crypto wallet security, represented by their new hybrid SMPC (secure multiparty computation) technology, Tringlr. 

Tringlr will integrate the robust architecture of decentralized storage systems with the user-friendly experience of centralized platforms. First, it will enable unprecedented recovery options, such as a backup wallet system, which cannot be compromised by a centralized party, and the ability to transfer funds to trusted individuals in case of emergency. Second, it will allow users to customize their experience with transaction limits for money transfers and withdrawals.

Tringlr will enhance overall security through a sophisticated key pool, meaning that wallet keys will be shared with a user, a centralized custodian, and a so-called secure agent, who will be involved in transaction authorization. This will ensure that hacking the decentralized component alone does not result in financial loss, as transactions require additional confirmations. Similarly, the system will safeguard against any centralized attempts to freeze withdrawals. The backup wallet will also be extremely secure, as it can only be set up by a wallet owner and a secure agent and will accept inputs within a three-month window.'s Tringlr-based wallet will not only let users transfer money to bank cards and set automatic replenishment limits but will also embrace a multi-chain future. It will support various networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Tron, Base, Solana, and L2 chains. Moreover, advanced account abstraction technology will be implemented to provide seamless fund transfers across wallets and centralized exchange functionalities. 

Tringlr will empower both individuals and businesses to regain complete control and security over their funds while managing cryptocurrencies across both the Web3 and traditional finance sectors. The technology will be integrated within both the retail application and partner solutions and will launch within three months, with a whitelist for getting access now open and a detailed whitepaper forthcoming.

CHO will be central to the Tringlr technology. The token will serve as the primary medium for transactions, transfers, and wallet storage and will also incentivize secure agents to verify transactions in exchange for rewards. As such, CHO’s utility will expand across various decentralized applications and projects. Once rolls out Tringlr, the demand for CHO is expected to increase proportionally, driving its adoption as the leading B2B enterprise token. 

Adding to the twist, officially enters the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and makes CHO tokens available to its growing user base. The BSC blockchain, with over 440 million wallets and an average of 200,000+ new wallets created daily, boasts competitive transaction fees and robust support from MetaMask. By tapping into BSC’s cost-effectiveness, aims to enhance user engagement through various programs and facilitate easier, more affordable transactions. 

The team has already offered CHO holders, who are about to transfer their tokens to BSC wallets, the opportunity to celebrate this game-changing expansion and join a special $500,000 lottery, with more details on how to participate coming soon.

CHO Technical Analysis: Should Investors Buy the Dip?

With all these innovations, the CHO economy is projected to get another boost, catalyzing another wave of growth as early as this market cycle. Right now, the CHO token is trading between $0.05255 and $0.13047. 

The 10-day EMA at $0.09018, the 50-day EMA at $0.09143, and the 100-day EMA at $0.09263 are all closely aligned, suggesting a strong consolidation phase around the current price level. This tight clustering of EMAs indicates a strong support zone where any price dips are likely to be short-lived and followed by quick recoveries.

CHO Technical Analysis

TradingView: CHO’s EMA and RSI values

The Relative Strength Index (RSI), standing at 57.02, indicates a growing bullish sentiment, staying clear of overbought territory, which signals that there is still room for price appreciation without significant resistance from sellers. 

Similarly, the Stochastic %K at 62.89 underlines strong buying momentum, hinting that investors are increasingly confident and could continue to push the price towards higher resistance levels.

Moreover, the slight positive value of the Awesome Oscillator at 0.0003, combined with a Momentum indicator at 0.00641, further supports the notion of building positive market dynamics.

Collectively, these indicators forecast a favorable scenario for CHO's potential rally, pointing towards a strategic buying opportunity for investors. 

CHO Price Prediction: The Unfolding Saga and BingX Listing to Spark New Rally’s innovative revenue-sharing model, the impending launch of the high-security SMPC wallet, and strategic expansion into the BSC network are substantial value additions that reinforce the utility and potential profitability of holding CHO tokens. 

These elements, combined with favorable technical indicators, collectively cultivate a fertile ground for a bullish outlook, where investors might see not just short-term price spikes but sustained long-term growth as is set to expand its offerings and solidify its market position.

Looking ahead, the imminent arrival of CHO to BingX will likely enhance its further market exposure, liquidity, and market demand. Given that the exchange has an extensive user base and a daily trading volume of nearly $1 billion, it remains feasible that this anticipated listing will drive the token’s price toward the near-distant resistance level at $0.17669 or even extend gains toward the more ambitious target at $0.25461 if market sentiment continues to improve.

Current and prospective investors are advised to monitor the next developments closely, as they hold the potential to catapult the CHO token by another 276% during the next bullish market cycle.

Final Words

As April unfolds with its share of market tremors, the CHO token has demonstrated remarkable resilience and potential for growth amidst broader cryptocurrency volatility. While Bitcoin and other major altcoins faced downturns due to geopolitical tensions and market corrections, CHO has been on a distinctive upswing, attributed to the new BingX listing and strategic moves and innovations within the ecosystem. Namely, the introduction of its lucrative B2B revenue-sharing model, powered by the VLT token, the entrance into BSC, and the development of the state-of-the-art SMPC wallet with unprecedented security have added to the attractiveness of investing in CHO even within the unstable crypto market.

Disclaimer: This analysis is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice, financial guidance, or an endorsement of any specific investment strategy. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can be significantly affected by external factors including financial, regulatory, and political events. Potential investors should conduct their own research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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