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Companies that Adopted to Crypto Early | Coin Gabbar

24 Jan 2022 By : Pankaj Gupta
Companies that Adopted to Crypto Early | Coin Gabbar

Time has begun when everyone starts trusting and doing their investments in crypto. Be it adults or seniors everyone has started putting their part of their investment into these crypto coins.

By looking at these ongoing crypto trends: most companies and brands are looking for a way to accept crypto as payments in exchange for their product and services.

If you don't know: there are many companies that exist and still perform well in their business when they started accepting payment into crypto coins.

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So, now let's head on exploring companies that accept payment in the form of cryptos:


Microsoft began to accept bitcoin in 2014. At the start, they accept crypto payments for games, apps, other content platforms like Windows Phone and Xbox. At that time, no one was well familiar with Bitcoin, tagging them mostly as some kind of scam or any sort of drama. Also, in 2014, very few businesses were ready to accept crypto payments which may be any sort of car services, restaurants, and the like.


At the time when Microsoft started accepting crypto as payments. Within just three months, Paypal also made its entry into these crypto payment races. For your knowledge: Bitcoin was trading as XBT instead of BTC. They start providing services regarding buying &selling cryptocurrencies. Not only with just these crypto exchanges, but Paypalalso starts providing payment services to be paid within cryptocurrencies for business merchants and Paypal users. 


In early 2014, Overstock. cop partnered with Coinbase (Crypto Exchange) to accept payments in BTC on its site. Even more, along with this, they also launched a blockchain-focused investment company called Medici Ventures. To your knowledge, Overstock is a platform where you can purchase furniture, decors, and other indoor items for your house. Yes, you've guessed it right, now with cryptos, furniture and other household items are also available for purchase.


Love morning coffee? Good news for you. Almost every coffee lover heard of "Starbucks". Even more, you can purchase these hot coffee with cryptos. For this, Starbucks has partnered with Bakkt App to provide coffee in exchange for crypto. All businesses that have partnered with Bakkt App, are available to provide services and products with cryptocurrencies. In March 2020, Starbucks made this move to do so.


Travel, an online travel-based company is ready to provide online travel services like hotel, flight booking exchanges for cryptocurrencies. This crypto includes Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), and even more. To provide such online services in exchange for crypto, they have partnered with well-known crypto exchanges which are Binance Pay and Even more, Travala comes with its own official cryptocurrency known by the name "AVA". 


In Mar 2021, Elon Musk the CEO of carmaker Tesla had announced to accept bitcoin as payment for Tesla Cars. At the time, this payment option was only available to citizens. To your knowledge, each Tesla car costs around between 1 and 2.69BTC. It has been seen that Elon musk is mostly involved in crypto be it from their huge investment into many cryptos or manipulating the price of Bitcoin, Dogecoins, and others with their tweets and business strategy.


the e-commerce giant is now ready to accept payment in cryptos. Yet, you can’t buy products from Amazon by cryptos, instead, you can buy Amazon vouchers throughBitrefill crypto exchange.

With the theBitrefill platform, you can convert Bitcoin into Amazon gift cards and also recharge your phones with it.