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CryptoExpoEurope is Here | Are you excited?

07 Dec 2022 By : Anirudh Trivedi
CryptoExpoEurope is Here | Are you excited?

From a rogue idea that cannot be trusted to the technology of the future heavily invested by institutions and banks; cryptocurrencies have come a long way

This trustless technology has been proven to be the most trustworthy companion for an unprepared world facing recession and inflation fears.

While the global supply of fiat capital is shrinking, the crypto markets are preparing for another boom; much anticipated by everyone from retailers to big banks. 

Europe has always been one of the key participants of this theoretically flawless system with one of the first regions regulating the tech and home to some of the greatest blockchain and crypto projects there are in the market right now. 

CryptoExpoEurope is one such key player in the crypto sphere that allows investors and enthusiasts to understand, interact and network with fellow crypto players and the industry bigwigs to further indulge and engage in the community. 

CoinGabbar, being a proud media partner is inviting its users and viewers to the next CryptoExpoEurope that will take place in Bucharest Next year from March 19th to 21st; where various VCs, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts will be at one place sharing their wealth and wisdom to the community. 

About the Expo:

The expo will be held in the beautiful city of Bucharest, Romania with three days of pure bliss with some of the biggest names in crypto as key, not speakers. You can learn about new and emerging crypto projects firsthand; network with some of the most powerful leaders in the industry and have fun!

Special guests

Special guests invited are the ones that have impacted the industry for years with their contribution to tech and finance. You will be able to learn a lot from them and get a chance to meet them in person. 


You can network with top industry leaders, get invited to private meets, and even look at deals happening in real-time; this is a wonderful opportunity to upskill your business acumen.

Awards Gala

One of the biggest and most anticipated events on the list, Awards Gala can literally take a company or an individual's brand recognition to another level, a good way to find safe and lucrative investments. 


This is one of those events that you cannot miss to attend if you are into the blockchain industry. The CryptoExpoEurope is going to give you a chance to interact with the brightest minds in the business and make connections that you never thought were possible. There are a lot of new innovations happening all over the world and it needs talented professionals to make these concepts a reality. 

If you think you are one of those talented blockchain professionals or you are building something of value for this world, CryptoExpoEurope is going to give you a chance to showcase in front of the whole world.