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What is Cryptocurrency : A Brief History of Cryptocurrency Coin Gabbar

31 Jan 2022 By : Coin Gabbar
What is Cryptocurrency : A Brief History of Cryptocurrency Coin Gabbar

Cryptocurrency is a concept that refers to a mix of encryption and currency. Simply put, it means that cryptocurrency makes significant use of cryptographic techniques to ensure the security of transactional information. It is built on the straightforward notion of Blockchain, which is actually pretty old in this day and age.

They are a kind of payment that can be used to exchange goods, services, and other commodities in the marketplace. It is completely decentralized, in contrast to a fiat currency such as the Rupee. Nonetheless, its primary function is to serve as an electronic monetary system that is not controlled by a single company or entity.

Bitcoin, for example, is a famous example of a cryptocurrency that was created primarily for the purpose of serving as money. Modern blockchains, like Ethereum, allow developers to run smart contracts (code) on a decentralized network, allowing them to be more efficient. This technology also allows for the creation of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

History of cryptocurrency

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and it was made in 2009. It is still the most popular and is still the best known. It takes a process called mining to make units of a cryptocurrency, and this process takes a lot of math to figure out how to make a virtual coin. Controlling how many coins there are at a time will stop hyperinflation. Even though each cryptocurrency has its own way of mining, distributing, and making money.


The miner who discovers the solution first adds transaction details to the blockchain. As a reward, the miner receives coins for their assistance in ensuring that each transaction on the blockchain is correct and secure. The system is completely open, and all transactions in the blockchain are recorded.

 Some newer currencies mine in a different way that consumes less energy. Instead of doing math, blocks of nodes that take up hard drive space are used. There is no need for a high-end mining rig in this case.


Buying cryptocurrency in India

When you open the newspaper, you notice that the price of Bitcoin has broken yet another record. It's cryptos! But what does this all mean for you? How can you join in on the fun? Of course, through cryptocurrency exchanges!


Here’s a list of the top cryptocurrency exchanges currently operating in India:

CoinDCX - Since its inception in Mumbai a few years ago, this cryptocurrency exchange has grown to become one of the most popular in India, with over 3.5 million (35 lakh) users investing their money. The exchange's many appealing features include low trading fees, free deposits and withdrawals, and low trading fees. This is especially true for those looking to trade directly between the Indian rupee and a particular cryptocurrency. The exchange provides investors with access to over 200 cryptocurrencies.


WazirX - This exchange has gone viral on social media, according to WazirX Peer-to-peer transactions in INR, USD, and Bitcoin are also possible. WRX, which can be purchased with INR and exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, is also available on the exchange. Users can earn tokens by taking part in various app-based contests. During the IPL, this trade received a lot of attention for its marketing. It was founded in 2017 and is now one of India's top five exchanges. Customers can trade for as little as $100, which is one of its most appealing features. This appeals to new users who want to learn about the cryptocurrency market without having to invest large sums of money at first.


CoinSwitchKuber - This exchange received a lot of attention as a result of its marketing efforts during the Indian Premier League. Since its inception in2017, the exchange has risen to become one of India's top five stock exchanges. One particularly appealing feature is that customers can begin trading with as little as $100, which is a very small sum in the world of cryptocurrency trading. This is appealing to a large number of new users who want to learn how the cryptocurrency market works without having to invest large sums of money in it right away.


Unocoin - Unocoin was founded in 2013, years before cryptocurrencies became popular in India. Unocoin, which was founded in 2013, is one of India's oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. At the moment, there are approximately 1.5 million (15 lakh) registered investors on the platform. Users can schedule sales, which allows them to sell a predetermined amount of bitcoins on a specific date and time. This is a one-of-a-kind feature of the software that many users will value.


1.      CoinDCX

·         The easy-to-use crypto dashboard

·         Helps you keep track of your crypto portfolio.

·         highest liquidity and lowest trading fees

·         Fast KYC and sign-up

·         Easy deposit and withdrawal

2.        WazirX

·         WazirX's interface is very easy to use.

·         In order to deposit and withdrawing money, it's very simple to do.

·         It's possible to trade crypto on your phone or computer.

·         An app that lets people invest in currencies from around the world.

·         Low fees for trading and moving money

3.      CoinSwitch Kuber

·         It's easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency right away.

·         Minimal Deposit at the Start

·         Referral program

·         Simple KYC and AML checks

·         Customer service that is good

4.        Unocoin

·         There is a KYC check

·         Trading

·         Exchange

·         Lending

·         This is also known as a Systematic Buying Plan.



Because the cryptocurrency sector is growing at a rapid pace and because we are still in the early phases of development, those who are interested in cryptocurrencies must continue to educate themselves on the topic.

Despite the fact that the cryptography landscape is always altering and evolving, Daily, new applications are discovered, new apps are created, and organizations continue to embrace them as a means of settling payments transaction settlements. A large number of new investors are joining the business despite the fact that it is an uncontrolled one. These blockchains rely on a token, which acts as a digital receipt in the form of a transaction.