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How to invest in Crypto as a hardcore investor, A beginner’s guide to investing in mainstream crypto like Bitcoin.

04 Jun 2022 By : Somesh Gaur
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Installed on your computer's hard disc and accessible only by your computer. Your computer has a private key to your wallet. It is critical to back up and maintain this wallet since your money may be lost if the device or its files get damaged.

If you connect to the internet or install infected files, malware can compromise your computer.

Wallets available online

A cloud-based storage wallet that can be accessed from any device and provides ease for mobile spending. Because your private key is kept on the cloud, this wallet is the least secure.

Wallets for mobile devices

A mobile phone app that allows you to make payments while on the go. Because the private key is kept on the phone, your coins are only as safe as your phone. This form of wallet is vulnerable to hacking, loss, or theft.

Hardware wallets

A tiny external device, such as a USB stick, connects to the internet only when a transaction is initiated. This is the most secure storage solution because it is mostly offline.

However, if the gadget is lost or stolen, your coins are also lost or stolen. Large investors have been known to store their hardware wallets in bank vaults.

Paper wallets

The public and private keys are written on a sheet of paper. The advantage is that they may be stored offline for a long time and given as presents, but they are vulnerable to being destroyed by fire, water, or a hungry pet!

A hardware wallet kept in a secure area is said to be the most secure way to keep Bitcoin and is advised for substantial investments.

The safest way to keep Cryptocurrency is in a hardware wallet kept in a secure location and is recommended for large investments. The strategy of utilizing separate devices for storage is the wisest solution, much as you put the majority of your money in a bank and then carry modest amounts in your pocket for spending.

The strategy of utilizing separate devices for storage is the wisest solution, much as you put the majority of your money in a bank and then carry modest amounts in your pocket for spending.

What are the advantages of accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment from a viewpoint of a pro-trader?

Because Bitcoin was founded on an image of secrecy and pro-government, many firms have questioned if it is legal or ethical — is it a method to evade paying taxes?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still unregulated, but they are safe forms of payment. It also provides an interesting alternative to existing monetary systems in that it may transcend trade obstacles.

       Cheaper transaction fees — Bitcoin has lower transaction fees than credit cards and eliminates the need for bank fees if bitcoin is not traded.

        Reduce fraud by making it impossible to retract a payment once it has been verified. Chargebacks, a plague of credit card payments, have been eliminated.

        Instant payment - a credit card payment might take several days (or even weeks) to appear as cash in the bank. Cryptocurrency allows for quick transfers.

        Removes obstacles — cryptocurrency facilitates international trade by removing trade hurdles and regulations, as well as making or receiving payments in a different currency easier.

        Increase client traffic - the novelty of accepting or paying with Bitcoin may entice new customers to your business.

        Edge over the competition - By embracing new technologies, you can get an advantage over competitors who are still catching up.

Following its early acceptance on the dark web, bitcoin is increasingly trickling into society, and any business should carefully follow its growth and assess how it may help their firm.

A corporation that embraces digital currency technology may gain an advantage over competitors or attract new customers by displaying a modern approach.

Whatever way you look at it, Bitcoin is not going away anytime soon and is on its way to becoming a main stream currency in the not-too-distant future. Load a little amount into a mobile wallet for on-the-go payments, but keep the rest of your assets safely kept offline with backups.

There are three methods for buying cryptocurrency or Bitcoin-

The safest way to keep Bitcoin is in a hardware wallet kept in a secure location.

An exchange

Coinbase, WazirX, and CoinDCX are some online platforms that will purchase and sell on your behalf for a fee. Payments are made by bank transfer or credit card, and identification verification is necessary, reducing any privacy that cryptocurrency often provides.

Sellers in the community

An online marketplace where buyers and sellers may meet. For a local buyer, you can exchange cash in person while remaining anonymous, although this is not encouraged due to the apparent risk of being scammed.

A Bitcoin ATM or a Bitcoin shop

A terminal that accepts cash in exchange for a QR code that allows you to add coins into your wallet. ATMs do not demand identification and are completely anonymous.

How can I prepare my company to take cryptocurrency?

To see and experiment with the demand for Bitcoin in your business, just put up a sign that reads 'Bitcoin accepted here' and watch what happens.

To begin accepting payments, start with person-to-person payments, which just require a smartphone app and no major investment or commitment.

Consider trading Bitcoin for a gift card if you are a high-volume, small-item dealer, such as a coffee shop, to minimize delays in processing payments for a single cup at the till and to decrease bookkeeping.

When sales reach a constant level, investing in a POS solution is the next step if you are trading enough to support the expenses.