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Top 5 Hardware Wallets To Secure Your Crypto in 2022

21-Oct-2022 Anirudh Trivedi
Top 5 Hardware Wallets To Secure Your Crypto in 2022

When you are trading in cryptocurrencies, there are a few things 

You cannot miss to pay special attention to.

The security of your funds is one of those critical aspects of your crypto journey that not only needs your attention but also adequate knowledge of effective security mechanisms. 

The security of crypto funds reciprocates with the exposure that your crypto keys are facing through your wallet. The lower the exposure of your keys to the internet, the higher the security of your funds. Hardware wallets are the most popular methods to safeguard your cryptocurrencies by keeping them isolated from the surface web. However, the available options of hardware wallets might confuse you in choosing the ideal crypto wallet as per your requirements. 

In this CoinGabbar blog, we are going to cover 5 of the best hardware wallets that are present in the market. We will share all the technical information you need to make the final decision for your choice. 

What are Hardware Wallets?

Before we dive into reviewing the 5 best hardware wallets in the market, let us understand what are hardware wallets and why they are used. Hardware wallets are secure storage solutions, used to store the private keys of your cryptocurrency holdings. Hardware wallets secure your private keys from any unauthorized access and enable multi-layer security mechanisms for complete protection. 

With hardware wallets, all of your private keys are stored in secured offline storage that is owned by you. Unline the software wallets, you hold the custody of your private keys and this diminishes the need to have trust between you and your software wallet vendors. Storing your cryptocurrencies in hardware wallets also enables you to dodge system loopholes exploits and data breaches. 

With multiple features in their arsenal, all hardware wallets differ from each other. In the next segment, we are going to review the best hardware wallets that you can buy in 2022.

Top 5 Cold Wallets To Secure Your Crypto

Things would be simple if we would not have options to choose from. We would have more time to live better lives and lesser stress to read lengthy reviews. However, we live in a world where all products come with different specifications catering to different sets of customers. 

In this segment, we are going to present you with a list of the 5 best hardware wallets that can level up the security of funds to another level.

Ledger Nano X

There are tens of hardware wallets in the market but only a few stand out as the market leaders. Ledger is one such company that has been in the market since 2014 and has gained the trust of its users by providing them with reliable products. Ledger Nano X is a top-seller hardware wallet that comes in a portable size along with a smaller screen on its front. 

Ledger Nano X makes it easier for users to communicate with their exchanges and ensures smoother movement of cryptocurrencies. It also connects with smartphones via Bluetooth to enable seamless over-the-counter transactions.

Ledger Nano X allows you to install more than 100 Dapps in your wallet and supports over 5000 crypto tokens. If you are someone who is looking out for an all-rounder hardware wallet for your cryptocurrencies, Ledger Nano X would be a suitable choice for you. 

Trezor Model T

Coming from the house of Satoshi Labs, Trezor Model T is another leading cryptocurrency hardware wallet available in the market. Satoshi Labs was the first blockchain security company that launched a hardware wallet, setting a new standard for blockchain security in the domain. Trezor Model T was an update to the base variant of Trezor Model One.
Trezor Model T provides its users with uncompromisable security along with an easy-to-use mechanism for its users. It comes with a touchscreen user interface that makes it comfortable to use for those who are not familiar with the button navigation. Trezor supports 1000+ cryptocurrencies and could be an ideal choice for you if you strongly believe in the law of diversification. However, it cannot be stated as a major update from its last variant. 

Ledger Nano S

Making another entry into the list of our best cryptocurrency wallets, Ledger is catering to an audience that cannot afford to have its Nano X model. Coming at a price range of almost half of its X model, Nano S compromises on a few things but security. Ledger Nano S provides robust security against all cyber threat possibilities and provides support to 5000+ cryptocurrency tokens. 

The popularity of the Ledger wallet is known to the crypto world and that creates a strong community of users. This community is not only helpful in guiding newcomers to the world of hardware wallets but also ensures assistance in initial setup configurations. Ledger Nano S does not come with wireless connectivity but its touchscreen navigation ensures a premium vibe to the overall product.

Safepal S1

Safepal, a blockchain security company launched in 2018, has come with its budget hardware wallet. Safepal S1 comes with an EAL 5+ independent secure element along with a truly random number generator for your wallet. It also has multi-layer security sensors backed up by effective self-destructive mechanisms. 

Safepal S1 is also a completely offline hardware wallet with no exposure to any form of wireless connectivity. With support to over 40 blockchain networks, Safepal guarantees support for an unlimited number of tokens based on the supported blockchains. However, the sleek and premium-looking design is the biggest highlight of the Safepal wallet. 

KeepKey Wallet

There are only a few crypto hardware wallets that are as good-looking as the KeepKey wallet. But apart from being a super-model of the hardware wallet industry, KeepKey wallet guarantees complete security to your crypto portfolio. KeepKey also allows users to utilize customized wallet software for seamless transactions.

Keepkey’s wide touchscreen display helps the users to navigate through the features of the wallet and its applications. Its integration with the ShapeShift cryptocurrency exchange provides its users to buy, sell or swap cryptocurrencies without the need to move their assets to a hot wallet. If you are someone who wants an overall package and do not want to go with Ledger Nano X, KeepKey will suit you the best. 


Cryptocurrency inclusion is inevitable and it is only a matter of time before hardware wallets will become the need of the day. Keeping your cryptocurrencies in a hot wallet makes them susceptible to various online threats and you end up relying on the mercy of the security of an exchange. Thus, hardware wallets are a must if you are holding a sizeable amount in cryptocurrencies and willing to hold them in a secure ecosystem. 

We hope that this blog will provide you with all the information that you might need to decide on your ideal hardware wallet. To read more such informational content on cryptocurrencies visit Coingabbar

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