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OpenFabric - First Project to Bridge Blockchain and AI for Innovation

Key Takeaways
  • OpenFabric integrates AI with blockchain through the Fabric Protocol, enabling decentralized dataset training for AI models.
  • Openfabric is currently in its testnet beta phase, working towards refining its blockchain infrastructure.
  • According to the official documentation of the project, OpenfabricToken.sol smart contract is employed for the creation of $OFN tokens.
29-Dec-2023 Sudeep Saxena
OpenFabric - First Project to Bridge Blockchain and AI for Innovation

Blockchain and AI for Innovation: OpenFabric is the first project to d

OpenFabric is the First Project to Integrate Blockchain and AI 

OpenFabric is a project which is integrating blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) in a way that transcends the traditional applications of both fields. While blockchain is often associated with data integrity and decentralized record-keeping, and AI with data analysis and machine learning, OpenFabric is merging these domains to unlock new potentials.

At its core, OpenFabric is developing a unique protocol known as the Fabric Protocol. This layer-1 blockchain is not merely about chaining blocks of data together, but leveraging the inherent security and transparency of blockchain to facilitate the training of AI models on decentralized datasets. 

This approach addresses a critical challenge in AI development: the need for vast, diverse, and secure data sources which remain available to all. In a recent interview with CoinGabbar, Andrei Tara, Co-Founder, Openfabric AI talked with Sudeep Saxena, Co-Founder, CoinGabbar. Here’s a detailed breakdown of that interesting conversation. 

How does OpenFabric Connect AI and Blockchain? 

Openfabric connects blockchain with AI by treating the network itself as an operating system. This decentralized operating system concept allows for the creation of a dynamic environment where AI applications can be executed and interact. Within this environment, which can be thought of as a Traffic Networking Environment or Sandbox, AI applications are not only run but are also developed, trained, and refined.

Breakdown of Openfabric AI and Blockchain Commune

Scalability and Security: By utilizing blockchain technologies, OpenFabric ensures that AI applications can scale without compromising on security. This solves a major problem for the AI industry where the scalability of the projects is often traded in exchange for the social vulnerability of the model. 

Accessibility and Reduced Infrastructure Demands: The technical barriers to entry for using AI are high, often requiring a reliable and efficient infrastructure and expertise. OpenFabric reduces these demands, making it easier for a broader range of users to develop and deploy AI applications.

Marketplace Dynamics: OpenFabric promotes a fair and competitive marketplace. By doing so, it fosters a cooperative community where innovation thrives. This is crucial for preventing vendor lock-in, where users become overly dependent on a single provider, and for encouraging a vibrant ecosystem of AI applications.

Decentralized Data Training: The ability to train AI models on decentralized data could be a game-changer. It means that AI can learn from a wider array of sources, leading to more robust and intelligent systems.

Execution in a Controlled Environment: The Traffic Networking Environment or Sandbox provides a controlled space where AI applications can be safely executed. This not only ensures the integrity of the applications but also protects the underlying data.

When Openfabric is going live?

Openfabric is currently in its testnet beta phase, working towards refining its blockchain infrastructure. At this stage, the platform is selectively granting access to developers interested in creating applications using Openfabric AI. The immediate next step in the project's roadmap involves the initial distribution offering (IDO) of tokens, which will serve as the foundational currency for the layer-1 solutions being developed.

Andrei told CoinGabbar about the plan to launch the mainnet soon after the IDOs are completed. The mainnet launch is expected to be launched by the end of the first quarter of the coming year, giving it enough time to ensure that the system is robust and fully optimized before going live.

The transition from testnet to mainnet will be succeeded by a progressive deployment of additional features and new projects. The initial phase post-launch is designed to gather valuable user feedback, which will be integral in shaping the platform. 

This user-centric approach ensures that subsequent developments are aligned with user needs and preferences, fostering a more intuitive and effective user experience.

What is $OFN?

The $OFN token is the integral cryptocurrency of the Openfabric AI ecosystem, playing a crucial role in encouraging good network practices and enabling multiple features. Within the Openfabric AI, tokenomics delineates the genesis, dissemination, and application of the $OFN token, establishing the financial foundation of the system.

According to the official documentation of the project, OpenfabricToken.sol smart contract is employed for the creation of $OFN tokens.


OpenFabric is not just connecting AI and blockchain; it's creating a synergistic platform where the strengths of both technologies are leveraged to create innovative products. 

The Fabric Protocol is the backbone of this platform, enabling scalable, secure, and accessible AI development and deployment. By doing so, OpenFabric is not just addressing the current challenges faced by AI platforms but is also paving the way for a future where AI and blockchain technologies work in concert to drive innovation and growth. 

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