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Experts Highlight 7 Affordable Staking Coins for Maximum Passive Income in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • CHO staking offers up to 150% APY plus VLT token rewards.
  • Cardano, Polygon, Hydra, Algorand, Tezos, and Osmosis provide solid APYs.
  • Choose wisely among these coins for optimal passive income in 2024.
30-May-2024 Indrapal Prajapati
Experts Highlight 7 Affordable Staking Coins for Maximum Passive Income in 2024

Top 7 Affordable Cryptos for High APY Staking in 2024

For those with a long-term interest in crypto, staking stands out as the sole avenue to earn amidst market volatility. And with daily compounding returns, the dream of passive income becomes a reality. However, not all coins provide the same annual staking reward rates, making it essential to choose wisely. According to experts, CHO is one of the most promising tokens passive income-wise, but there are six other coins that are both affordable and offer highly attractive APYs in 2024. (CHO) 

Previously, staking CHO offered a generous 28% APY, but today, experts consider it one of the best tokens to stake due to a recent announcement by the team that provides even more compelling reasons to participate. The ecosystem will share up to 20% of its B2B revenue from the Vault company with everyone who stakes CHO on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and this revenue will be shared in the form of the new VLT token

The CHO/VLT staking platform is already live, offering APYs starting from 30% and up to 100% based on the number of CHO tokens staked and the chosen lock-up period – from 3 to 12 months. It is even rumored that APYs can reach 150% in some cases, and one needs to follow on social media to learn more about this exceptional opportunity. 

At the outset, VLT tokens will be exclusively accessible to holders of CHO tokens. The VLT distributions will be scrupulously equitable, with rewards allocated proportionally among early purchasers, current holders, and prospective investors, prioritizing those who have demonstrated the longest-standing support. From a broader perspective, CHO staking offers several additional benefits, particularly tied to the VLT token, whose price will be fixed at $1, thus shielding it from volatility. As Vault's B2B revenue grows, projected to reach up to $180 million by 2025, staking rewards will increase accordingly.

However, while passive income is enjoyable, investing in a token with genuine potential for long-term value appreciation can be even more satisfying. Many key opinion leaders from the crypto world are fully aware of the benefits that come with staking but also believe that CHO can rise significantly from these current levels and are accumulating the token.


Source: X

It’s worth mentioning that CHO already has experienced significant growth within the last three months of 2024, rising from $0.012 to nearly $0.074, marking an impressive increase of approximately 583%. 

ising from $0.012

Source: X

Overall, CHO has the potential to appreciate significantly from its current levels, and acquiring more tokens at this price can not only increase your holdings of CHO but also your holdings of VLT.

Cardano (ADA)

Despite the numerous twists and turns ADA has faced to date, it remains one of the tokens with a relatively low price that experts anticipate will yield solid returns in 2024. Its current APY stands at 2.98%, which, though not substantial, has contributed to an overall increase in the percentage of staked ADA over the last month. 

However, despite the token's declining price, if you prioritize no lockup time and rewards paid out every 5 days, ADA could provide the passive income you seek.

You can also stake ADA on a CEX, by running your own node, or delegate it to a validator, each option having its pros and cons, with oversaturated pools, high pool fees, and complicated setups being some of them. 

Polygon (MATIC)

Staking MATIC on different platforms offers an average APY ranging from 3.57% to 4.2%, with exceptions reaching 20% APY for the longest available lockup period. While staking MATIC is relatively profitable, environmentally friendly, and doesn't require joining any staking pools, it also comes with some drawbacks. 

For example, if you stake MATIC through a network validator and the validator gets penalized for any reason, your returns will decrease, while some validators may even keep a portion of your rewards for themselves.


HYDRA is the native cryptocurrency of Hydra Chain, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain that uses inflationary and deflationary mechanisms and employs a fixed inflation model to address the total supply issue. The token is popular for its exceptionally high staking yield. Currently, the APY for this coin can exceed 40%; however, despite its allure, there's a catch. 

While the APY for this crypto soared over 100% in 2021, we observe a declining trend over time, suggesting it may not be the ideal choice for long-term staking. Moreover, staking HYDRA proves to be quite complicated, involving numerous steps such as purchasing it from an exchange, installing the Hydra Wallet, and navigating through a complex process, deterring many users from getting to the staking stage at all.


Algorand is a Layer 1 (L1) network with its native currency, ALGO. The APY for ALGO varies between 4.57% and 10%, which is a solid reward. Staking ALGO can be either simple or complex, depending on your approach. There is no minimum number of tokens required for staking and no lockup period. 

Staking on a centralized exchange (CEX) is straightforward but yields lower rewards. You can also earn participation rewards by transferring your ALGO tokens to a supported wallet, which increases your staking rewards, though the yield remains low.

Earning governance rewards requires keeping your tokens on-chain, with a minimum of one ALGO. This involves participating in the Algorand governance system, which is divided into four quarters. Stakers, known as governors, have voting rights and must resign after each quarter if they wish to continue staking their tokens. Overall, while ALGO is a solid option for staking, it comes with some complexities.


XTZ is the native coin of Tezos, another PoS network, and staking it offers annual rewards ranging from 4% to 7%. Everyone who locks up or stakes their XTZ tokens becomes a baker who further validates transactions and earns rewards. 

Delegators, on the other hand, choose bakers to whom they want to delegate their tokens. Choosing to be either a baker or a delegator is actually two ways you can stake your XTZ. 

The main drawback of XTZ staking is the risk of slashing, meaning that any misconduct by a node can significantly reduce your rewards, regardless of how high the staking reward might be.


Staking OSMO offers an APY ranging from 9% to 10%, with a lockup period of 14 days. Locking up OSMO tokens contributes to the network's security, and both nodes and stakers are rewarded for their participation. Staked OSMO can be used for voting, giving stakers governance rights. 

Even after staking your OSMO, you can change your validator if you notice your current one changes its commission rate. However, this requires you to keep an eye on this all the time if you want to ensure you receive the highest rewards. Another drawback is the need to frequently stake and claim rewards, as they are not auto-compounded.


With tokens generating passive rewards ranging from 2% to 20% or even 40%, you can earn significantly on your idle assets. Plus, considering that all of these seven tokens are currently priced below $1, you can profit both from the token's appreciation and from staking. 

Experts believe CHO deserves the top position on the list for several reasons. Not only does it offer APYs of up to 150%, but it is also simple and secure to stake. Additionally, the opportunity to earn VLT tokens through staking CHO enhances its appeal, with this entire narrative strengthened by the team's dedication to put the community first and distribute rewards and new tokens in the most fair way possible. 

CHO sales have been going up since the announcement of the new staking platform, and anyone seeking passive income should think about getting their share of the token if they truly aim to maximize their earnings.

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