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Top Four Upcoming NFT Based Crypto Events in 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Explore latest NFT trends and innovations at BANANACONF TALLINN 2024, a premier European Crypto Events.
  • MEWS World Conference in France celebrates Web3 pioneers and discusses future business opportunities.
  • Join Crypto Week Madrid and Meta Expo Dubai to delve into blockchain, NFTs, and metaverse industry insights.
10-Apr-2024 Sourabh Parihar
Top Four Upcoming NFT Based Crypto Events in 2024

Top 4 Upcoming Crypto Events Focused on NFTs in 2024

Coin Gabbar again welcomes its users with the top 4 crypto events mainly based on NFTs in 2024. Crypto Events are the gatherings and occasions where individuals and corporate groups interested or involved in the crypto ecosystem come together to discuss, showcase, and learn about the various aspects of the crypto ecosystem like Blockchain, NFT, Defi, DEX, Web3, and Memecoin. In this article, we will discuss crypto events which is mainly based Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These events serve as platforms for industry professionals, enthusiasts, and investors to explore new developments and trends in the crypto space.

Top 4 Upcoming Crypto Events

BANANACONF TALLINN 2024:- It will be a three-day crypto conference event held between 22 April - 24 April in Tallinn, Estonia by BananaConf, one of Europe's biggest crypto event organizers. The events will have more than 1000 attendees with more than 20+ Speakers from over 30+ Countries. The event will also have 20+ side events. The event mainly focuses on NFT, Web3 , and AI discussions. In this event, you will interact with individuals from various fields such as Automotive, Entertainment, Fashion, Food & Beverages, Gaming, Luxury, Research, Sports and Travel industries, along with Web3 builders, DeFi nerds and NFT degens. The tickets for this event is priced between €169 to €849 which you can buy from their official website.

The MEWS World Conference:- The MEWS stands for Metaverse Entertainment World Summit and Awards. It will be 4 days Crypto event that will be held between 14 May to 17 May in France. The event will have attendees from various fields which includes Brand Executives, Investors, Press, Industry Leaders, Selected Start-ups, Innovators & artists and the event will also provide MEWS awards to the individuals who have made a huge contribution to the promotion of Web3 and the Crypto Ecosystem. The event will discuss the business opportunities in Web3, Web4 and Web5. The event will celebrates innovators, creators, and thought leaders while demonstrating how new technology such as Web3, AI, Metaverse, NFTs, AR/VR, and blockchain contribute to the evolution of our world. The tickets for this event is priced between €900 to €2800.

The Crypto Week Madrid:- It is one of the biggest crypto event held in La Nave, Spain. The event will be a two day event held between 7th July to 8th July. The event will have more than 230 speakers worldwide from various domains which include web3 , NFT, Blockchain and Many more. The event will have 140+ conferences which will discuss the opportunities and challenges in various fields which include NFTs, Web3, Tokens, Metaverse and Blockchain Technology. The ticket of this event is priced at €139.

Meta Expo Dubai:- It is a two day event held between Sep 5 to Sep 6 in Dubai. The MetaExpo is one of the largest and most important activities in the Meta industry. Focus on blockchain,Interactive entertainment, NFT , decentralized finance, mining, payment system, smart contract and financial investment. The event will have 5000+ Attendees across the globe and will have important figures of crypto field which includes Brain Armstrong, Ben Zhou, Ryan Selkis and Kris Marszalek. The event will discuss the metaverse industry deeply and is targeted to Popularize the concept of metauniverse and provide solutions for the survival and development of metauniverse enterprises.

In conclusion, the upcoming crypto events in 2024 offer valuable opportunities for industry professionals and enthusiasts to delve into the evolving landscape of NFTs and the broader crypto ecosystem. From BANANACONF to Meta Expo Dubai, these gatherings provide platforms for networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology, Web3, and the metaverse. Attendees can expect insightful discussions, networking opportunities, and recognition of groundbreaking contributions to the crypto space.

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