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Why You Cannot Afford to Miss BCrypt India Web 3.0 Week?

Key Takeaways

  • The week long event will be from April 3-9, 2023.
  • It will be a great opportunity to connect and interact with top industry people.
13 Mar 2023 By : prerna rohilla
Why You Cannot Afford to Miss BCrypt India Web 3.0 Week?

Web3 is fast catching up everyone’s attention with it being iteration of Web2. With an emphasis on decentralization, privacy, and control, the Web3 movement has been rapidly gaining momentum. 

To bring the community together, Web3 events play a crucial role, offering opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, and other key players to exchange ideas, make connections, and work towards a common goal. 

Such an event is being organised by BCrypt from April 3-9, 2023 in partnership with Luna PR.  Furthermore, CoinGabbar is one of the proud media partners of the event. Therefore you should anyway not miss it!


BCrypt is a seven day long event with 200 + speakers to share their Web3 experience with all rge participants. 

The event will be an opportunity for projects, investors and VCs to interact and know the developments being happening in  the Web3 industry.

What the event entails 

The event will include the following:

  1. Hackathon: Participants will get a hands-on chance of building on Web3.

  2. Expo: Event will be a place to meet and network with Web3 products team.

  3. Learn: Various expert speakers would give the industry insights.

  4. Opportunities: BCrypt will provide a stage to do private meetings with VCs, angel investors and Funds.

Not only that you can even earn prizes upto $100,000 by joining the Web3 week.

The event will be covering various topics like Metaverse, NFTs, Web3 marketing, and many more. The participants will get an opportunity to lern about identity and security, fund raising and investors and also about blockchain and crypto.

The keynote speakers of the event includes:

  • Aanchal Thakur, CEO and Co-Founder of Shperium Finance

  • Abhi Shah, Entreprenuer, Philanthropist, and Board Director

  • Advait Danke, Metaverse Strategist, Spiritual Catalyst, Speaker and a visionary

  • Anish Ramakrishna, Blockchain and Gaming thought leader, Advisory and Trainer

  • Deep Sagar Verma, Professor, Researcher and Speaker

  • Ivan Kan, Co-Founder Crowdcreate, Web3 & NFT investor, Investor and Marketer

  • Jorge Sebastiao, CEO Global Blockchain Oraganization, Founder ECOX

  • Kapil Jain, Founder Piro Space Metaverse

  • Kishor M, Founder and CEO Crowdfundjunction

  • Kjell Hegstad, Co-Founder and CEO of Sharp Platform

  • Lalit Bansal, Founder & CEO EIY SYS, Top Blockchian Advisor

  • Loretta Joseph, Director AP Capital

  • Mahesh Chand, CEO Mindcracker INC

  • Navdeep Garg, CEO REVINFOTECH

  • Nijo Jonson, Storyteller, Co-Founder VIDS Protocol & Nijo.Plus, Crypto Investor

  • Nikita Sachdev, Founder & CEO of Luna PR

  • Preetam Rao, CEO QuillAudits

  • Rohit Khandelwal, Co-Founder - CoinGabbar, Crypto Influencer

  • Sagar Pratap Joisar, Founder Xenon Labs

  • Ujjwal Bajaj, Blockchain Team & Co-Founder USquare

  • Varun Sethi, Blockchain Lawyer

Some of the important blockchain speakers:

  1. Aanchal Thakur: She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Spherium Finance which is a decentralized financial ecosystem that gives users complete control over their finances. 

  2. Jorge Sebastiao: Jorge is the CEO of Global Blockchain organization and is also the founder of ECOX. Global Blockchaon Organization promotes interoperability across applications, platforms, ecosystems, and end users in order to create a trustworthy, scalable network.

  3. Kapil Jain: Piro Space is a decentralized metaverse where the user can arrange virtual events and have an immersive experience. Kapil Jain, Founder of Piro Space is the keynote speaker in BCrypt event.

  4. Kishor M is the Founder and CEO of CrowdFundJunction (CFJ). CFJ is the DAO Crypto & NFT Venture Capital. It back entrepreneurs BUIDL-ing the Future of the Web3.

  5. Kjell Hagstad is the co-founder and CEO of Sharp Platform which is a scalable, safe, and cutting-edge Web 3.0 platform for member-contribution-based enterprises and communities who wish to offer digital assets and digital economies to their current users or develop brand-new incredible digital user experiences. Kjell is co-founder and CEO of Sharp Platform.

  6. Lalit Bansal is the Founder and CEO of EIY SYS. The company is committed to delivering advanced blockchain solutions to B2B and B2C companies to scale their businesses online.

  7. Mahesh Chand is the CEO of Mindcracker Inc which was established in 2003. The company is  the industry leader in innovative bespoke software development. It provides solutions that are based on consumer and market research.

  8. Nijo Jonson will represent VIDS Protocol which is a licencing token architecture called VIDS (Virtual Decentralized Sub-Licensed). It was created utilising the ERC-based VIDS Protocol for digital assets including as music, games, video, and more.

  9. Preetam Rao is the CEO of QuillAudits. The company boasts itself as a leading smart contract auditor.

  10. Rohit Khandelwal is the Co-founder of CoinGabbar, a unique information and research marketplace in the cryptocurrency industry. The company aims to provide material for the cryptosphere, such as technical blogs, analysis pieces, research papers on coins and tokens, and cryptocurrency news in English and Hindi. 

  11. Sagar Pratap Joisar is the Founder Xenon Labs which is India’s first Multichain no code Web3 platform where the user can create a Web3 product in just 3 steps within 3 minutes.

  12. Ujjwal Bajaj, Blockchain Team & Co-Founder USquare which is a top provider of technology services and consultancy. Its aim is to create cutting-edge Blockchain applications that are expertly designed with the goal of maximising value for all parties involved.


BCrypt is one of a kind event which the Web3 enthusiasts cannot afford to miss. So head on to the link and register yourself to attend the session.