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Popular Brands Making Their Way in Web3

Key Takeaways
  • Web 3.0 works on blockchain technology, a decentralized digital ledger for storing transactions
  • Twitter's rising interest in NFTs reflects its impending ambitions for more significant development in the sector
  • The high-end Italian luxury label Gucci is the most well-known fashion company to enter the Web3 space
16-Feb-2023 Sudeep Saxena
Popular Brands Making Their Way in Web3

Web3 is the newest Internet iteration, focusing on mobilizing key technologies

 like blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs to help legitimize the space. Blockchain technology, a decentralized digital ledger for storing transactions, is the foundation of Web 3.0.

In a blockchain, data is stored in blocks, and each block is connected to its simultaneous blocks forming a chain. Two blocks are interconnected using cryptography encryption, each with a transparency timestamp.

Additionally, there is no central authority to verify the data in a decentralized cluster. The system is made up of numerous network nodes that validate the information kept on the ledger. As conducting business via Web3 becomes more secure and profitable, more brands are beginning to embrace Web3 technologies – and its marketing opportunities. 

Here are Significant Brands Executing Web3


Facebook comes first on the list as the company recently rebranded under the name "Meta." Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, has been outspoken about his desire to turn the social media platform into a full-fledged Metaverse organization. The name change was a vital first step to reflect this shift in strategy. The spearhead's goal is to create a web cluster that is more user-friendly and interoperable.

It's interesting to note that Meta has been in trouble with the law regarding its native cryptocurrency for a long time. The company is forced to postpone the launch of its cryptocurrency due to the string of problems surrounding the project. Zuckerberg is open to investigating the cryptocurrency industry; however, he has not given up on the ideas.

The company has applied for numerous trademarks in the cryptocurrency industry with regulatory organizations. Concepts for blockchain software, tokens, cryptocurrency trading, Metaverse wallets, and cryptocurrency wallet solutions were all included in the applications.


Twitter has aggressively supported the NFT wave. People can freely share information and communicate with one another on Twitter. The number of posts from cryptocurrency enthusiasts sharing their first trade experience with their followers has significantly increased recently, according to the portal.

Non-Fungible Tokens exploded in popularity in 2021, and in 2022 the trend for these digital collectibles is still going strong. NFTs represent actual objects and grant users the right to a portion of priceless commodities like works of art, merchandise, records of music, etc.

Following the fashion, Twitter let Twitter Blue subscribers select an NFT as their profile photo. For users that have validated NFTs, digital assets are shown in a hexagonal form on their profiles.iPhone users that reside in the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand can use the facility.

Additionally, the portal has restricted this service to NFTs created on Ethereum and kept on the OpenSea exchange. Twitter's rising interest in NFTs reflects its impending ambitions for more significant development in the sector.


Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, revealed the company's ambitions to investigate NFTs to broaden the application of Web3 technology. According to Zuckerberg, NFTs will soon be a component of the Instagram ecosystem.

The Meta Chief stressed that they could seamlessly reach people through Instagram by integrating NFTs over the coming months. In the context of the well-known photo-sharing app, the company also plans to permit NFT minting. Mark Zuckerberg is attempting to create the Web 3 through social media platforms, which is one of his key objectives.


The high-end Italian luxury label Gucci was the most well-known fashion company to enter the Web3 space. The business said in February 2022 that it had purchased a digital parcel of land in The Sandbox, a metaverse game. They unveiled their Gucci Vault Land, which lets visitors look at NFTs connected to the company.

In addition, they published a Gucci Town on the metaverse platform Roblox in May 2022. In contrast to the Gucci Land Vault, which was more like a passing experience for the users, this endeavor remained forever.


The popular music streaming service observed the growth of web3-based music portals and has been actively pursuing web3-related endeavors. Spotify just announced many job vacancies in various web3 roles.

Global music stars, including Justin Beiber, Snoop Dogg, Grimes, Taylor Swift, and many others, have aggressively embraced Non-Fungible Tokens. The musicians are using NFTs to engage with their followers by allowing them to purchase official merchandise and other works made by the musicians themselves.

These digital artifacts give artists a way to profit from their creations. Duplications and copyright concerns are reduced as a result. With music industry heavyweights entering the NFT fray, Spotify may soon take a deeper look at Web 3.0 adoption.


Amazon is experimenting with Web3 technology with the introduction of Amazon Managed Blockchain. It has already surpassed its rival through open-source frameworks. Users of the fully managed service can create, operate, and oversee scalable blockchain networks. It is an improved version of existing open-source projects because it supports public and private blockchain solutions.

Thanks to the service, customers no longer have to pay administrative fees when starting or joining a public network. Automatic scaling is useful for processing millions of transactions quickly. The feature assists in handling certificates and sending invites to new users soon after the network begins.


Tesla is rapidly growing its offerings inside the Web3 space. Blockchain technology was recently used for a specific purpose by a top e-vehicle firm. By creating a transparent, open, and global record setup, the use case included following cobalt from the mine to the battery.

Blockstream and Block began the construction of a test crypto mine in Texas, which was announced at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference. The mine will contain a Tesla solar array and batteries to sustain power. The program aims to demonstrate how BTC mining can help finance green energy projects.


Web 3.0 has been in existence for a while. However, it wasn't until later that the idea became widely accepted. Top IT companies have begun to pay attention to decentralized web technology. These organizations are spending money and time investigating Web3's potential to open up unique options for development and innovation.

Web 3.0 will expand into new industrial and non-industrial spheres as the desire for decentralized tools and resources grows. Both large and small businesses are embracing the trend of integrating Web3 tools. Now is the ideal time to develop your industry expertise and explore new opportunities to increase your income.

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