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Crypto Prepares For Another Crash As Fed Diminishes "Soft-landing"

23 Sep 2022 By: Anirudh Trivedi
Crypto Prepares For

The Federal Reserve is still taking a hawkish 

approach to reducing inflation.

August's consumer price index showed higher inflation than was predicted. By proceeding with a hefty boost of 75 bps, the Fed underlined its commitment to lowering inflation prices. What's more, Fed Chair Jerome Powell appeared to back off of earlier statements about a smooth landing.

As prices continue to decline with a clear bottom, the cryptocurrency world is preparing for another crash. Ethereum dropped below the $1.3K level, while Bitcoin fluctuates between $18K and $19K. Most alternative currencies have been trading in the negative during the past seven days.

Is It Possible To Land Softly?

Another 75 bps increase was implemented by the Fed. More importantly, the Fed is not expected to change course anytime soon. Even market bulls like Marko Kolanovic anticipate a 100 bps massive rise before the year is over.

The Fed's goal is to lower inflation to under 2%. Even the Fed's projection shows that 2025 will be needed to attain this goal. The five greatest economies in the world are suffering the fastest decline in credit creation, according to prominent macroeconomics expert @MacroAlf, who makes this point on Twitter. He does not think there is any chance of a soft landing.

Bloomberg TV's Lisa Abramowicz emphasises that Fed head Powell is changing his mind about calling for a gently landing. Powell thinks that a functioning economy must have stable prices as its foundation. According to the Head of Trading at Hindsight Mutuals, this FOMC is the worst one ever. He admits that he has doubts about the soft landing concept in general.

A Recession Could Happen

Every day, the Fed's sustained hawkish stance increases the likelihood of a recession. The World Bank has issued a warning that a recession could begin as soon as the following year. The US has now experienced two quarters of negative growth. Experts predict that there will most likely be a third quarter with negative growth.