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Pi Coin Popularity In India Before Launching Mainnet

Key Takeaways
  • Pi coin is the first digital currency that can be mined using a phone
  • Pi coin operates on the Pi network and this network’s mainnet will be launched on 28 June 2024
  • Download the Google Play Store or Apple iOS to buy Pi coin in India
18-Apr-2024 By: Sakshi Jain
Pi Coin Popularity I

Unlock The Digital Gold And Turn Your Phone Into A Crypto Miner

The most trending project of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the Mainnet of  Pi network launching on 28th June 2024. The connected network with the Pi Coin is the better option to invest in because of its unique technology.

Pi Coin Can Be a Good Investment Option

Pi coin is the only digital currency that can be mined through a phone. This eases the Mining experience and makes it stress-free. Pi coin operates on Pi Network and can directly mine on the user’s smartphone which minimizes the requirement of hardware and a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). 

Is it worth investing in Pi Coin? 

Unlike other Digital currencies, Pi Coin is managed and regulated by the social community rather than a central authority. Pi Network can be distinguished from any other digital network because it works on Stellar consensus protocol mechanism which aims to allow users to receive benefits based on their contributions to the network. 

Although, at present, the network is in the second phase and is still ready for launch scheduled on 28th June. It is assumed that after launching the price of Pi Coin will reach approximately $0.4 or INR 33, approximately. According to this assumption, Pi Coin can become a righteous option for Crypto investors to earn profits, without any initial investment.

How To Get Pi Coin In India Through Smart Phone

Pi Coin has become popular even before the launch of its mainnet. It cannot be bought in India or anywhere else because currently it is not listed in any Cryptocurrency Exchange or Non-Crypto Exchange. Although, Pi Coin can be obtained easily through a smartphone. To get Pi Coin one has to go through the following steps:

  • First, you have to download the Pi application on your smartphone.

  • Pi Application is available on both Google Play Store and Apple iOS for the users 

  • After the download, users have to create a profile providing essential details

  • The token can be Mined through the Pi application, once the login account is created   

  • To mine Pi Coin you have to keep its app running in the background on the phone.

  • Gradually, Pi Coin will be added to your application wallet.

  • Users can also use the money regular or fiat currency INR to buy Pi Coin.

  • Users can also earn Pi Coin by visiting the website of Pi Network.

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