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Arthur Hayes of Bitmex Signals Crypto Price Fall

Key Takeaways
  • Crypto prices will downturn at the time of Bitcoin halving, says Arthur Hayes, Former CEO of Bitmex
  • The Bitcoin and crypto prices will fall steeply around the Halving period which is April-May
  • According to Arthur dollar liquidity will be rigid at the time of the Halving Event
Arthur Hayes of Bitm

Former Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes Predicts Drop in BTC Prize Post Halving

CEO of Bitmex views on crypto prices

Arthur Hayes, Former CEO of Bitmex assumes that the crypto prices will downturn at the time of Bitcoin halving. Along with this, he added more according to him until May 1 there will be a no-trade zone and April will experience extremely weak risky asset markets. Arthur Hayes agreed on the point that it would pump prices in the medium term.

Arther Hayes believes that April will experience extreme weakness in risky areas Hayes Arthur also shared his views after May 1 that the Crypto market will be back to regular operations. He observed that the macro setup is suitable enough to short crypto. However, I’ll not entirely short the market as I have several memecoin and shitcoin trading positions.

Arthur Hayes added the following points subsequently:-

  • Halving can be seen as a bullish catalyst for crypto markets.

  • After or Before Halving, it could be possible that Bitcoin prices may take a negative turn.

  • The report of halving is well-established positively for crypto prices. It is too assumed that when participants agree on something, the opposite of it usually occurs.

  • The Bitcoin and crypto prices will fall steeply  around the Halving period

  • He added that halving would add fuel to the enraged fire in the crypto market because dollar liquidity is more rigid around halving than usual.

  • He also added that until May 1 it will be a no-trade possibility. He explained simultaneously that it is an uncertain period for risky assets and this happens when tax payments remove fluidity from the systems, QT rumbles on the current pace, and Yellen is yet to start running down the government's Treasury General Account.

  • He emphasizes How the Bitcoin halving event will impact the fluidity of the system, in and after April-May.

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