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Kitboga Collaborate with Kraken to Expose Call Center Crypto Scam

Key Takeaways
  • YouTuber and streamer Kitboga collaborate with Kraken to expose and dismantle a call center crypto scam operation
  • Scammers use fake security alerts to trick victims into calling a fraudulent hotline, where they are manipulated into making payments or giving away sensitive information
  • Kitboga uncovers a criminal operation that targeted bank accounts and stole cryptocurrencies using this method
10-Jul-2023 By: Simran Mishra
Kitboga Collaborate

Kitboga and Kraken Join Forces to Expose Call Center Crypto Scammers

Famous YouTuber and streamer Kitboga joined and collaborate with the cryptocurrency exchange Kraken to fight against a group of scammers running a call center crypto scam. Kitboga shared their mission in a video on YouTube, where they explained how scammers trick people and how they worked with Kraken to catch them.

The scammers used a sneaky trick called a fake security alert. They made it look like a real warning on people's computers, but it was actually a ploy to get them to call a fake hotline. When people called, the scammers pretended to be cybersecurity experts and tricked them into giving away money, passwords, or control of their devices.

In one of Kitboga's videos, they exposed a criminal operation that used this trick to steal people's cryptocurrency from their bank accounts. The scammers even asked Kitboga to check his Kraken account to see if anything had been stolen. Little did they know that Kitboga was secretly working with Kraken to bring them down.

Before contacting the scam call center, Kraken helped Kitboga create a fake account that looked like it had a lot of Bitcoin. The scammers thought they had control of the account and asked Kitboga to withdraw all the funds. But Kraken had set it up so the withdrawals would fail. This helped Kraken gather information about the scammers' crypto wallets, which they shared with other exchanges to freeze the scammers' assets and catch them.

This collaboration between Kitboga and Kraken shows how scammers have adapted their tricks to target people who own cryptocurrency. It's important to know that crypto owners are not immune to scams. In fact, research has shown that 35% of crypto owners in Canada have been scammed.

The Kitboga-Kraken partnership also reveals how scammers use social engineering to manipulate their victims. They find ways to get around the security measures put in place by crypto exchanges and wallets. For example, they may send fake text messages pretending to be from a popular exchange and ask for login codes.

By working together, Kitboga and Kraken aim to protect the crypto community and raise awareness about these scams. They want to make the crypto world a safer place for everyone by exposing and stopping call center crypto scams. 

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