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Metamask Will Support All Tokens via Snaps, Know How?

  • During the StarkWare Sessions conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, in February 2023, the newest in-development part of Metamask's developing ecosystem was described.

  • MetaMask Snaps aims to provide a "multichain future" for the Ethereum-based wallet service by enabling non-native blockchains and tokens for the Web3 economy.

Metamask Will Suppor

MetaMask Snaps hopes to enable a "multichain future" 

for the Ethereum-based wallet service.

The options are many, with a snap enabling additional APIs to MetaMask, and support for several blockchain protocols. Apart from that the capability to alter current MetaMask functionality using external APIs. Jupiter asserts that most blockchain protocols should be compatible with Snaps' integration. 

"Technically speaking, we could combine each of them. There will undoubtedly be an extreme circumstance.”

Snap is setting the company up for a multichain -friendly future. This enables future blockchain integrations and upgrades to the browser-based service provided by MetaMask.

MetaMask Snaps hopes to enable a "multichain future" for the Ethereum-based wallet service. It aims to achieve this by supporting non-native blockchains and tokens for the Web3 economy.

The most recent development to Metamask's expanding ecosystem was detailed during the StarkWare Sessions in Tel Aviv, Israel. A senior product manager at MetaMask Snaps, Alex Jupiter, discussed the potential of blockchain while talking to different industry experts. 

After the success of MetaMask Swaps, which added a token swap function to the service's native browser extension. The development of

Snaps have paced up over the last 18 months. Interoperability is becoming more important in the blockchain space, as Jupiter explained this - 

     "Historically, MetaMask has been an Ethereum wallet. We must progress beyond that. The future of multichain is very clear."

Developers will have complete freedom to change MetaMask any way they see fit in a permission-free ecosystem. Jupiter claims that the team is working to create a framework that would enable developers to add a variety of APIs. Those APIs would be taken from other blockchains to improve a user's basic wallet experience.

According to MetaMask, Snaps is a framework that allows developers to increase the function of the wallet extension. A snap is a piece of software that can make a user's wallet experience more personal and runs in a separate environment.

    "By extending Bitcoin and StarkNet, we have succeeded. Therefore, it should be possible with any of them.”

Jupiter claims that MetaMask already has a Bitcoin Snap, allowing users to interact with its protocol via extension. Although this is a bit trickier than combining chains compatible with the EVM, the end result is a highly interoperable wallet extension. This extension can also work  throughout the vast blockchain-based ecosystem, as Polygon:

     “It simply implies you won't need to visit any other websites because MetaMask might be your exclusive source of Web3 material.”

The expansion of Web3 power is another reason for developing Snaps. Even though Metamask's innovations have allowed millions of users to join Web3, everyday chores like signing transactions may still be dangerous:

   “People struggle to determine whether the transaction they are signing is secure.”

Jupiter believes Snaps can be helpful in this regard by enabling third parties to produce transaction data. It can also alert users before engaging in fake transactions with unfavorable results.

MetaMask Snaps are presently supported by MetaMask Flask's development edition. According to Jupiter, Snaps will be completely merged into the primary MetaMask by the end of 2023.

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