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Pi’s Founder Vanishes Into Mystery Alike Satoshi

Key Takeaways
  • The entire crypto world along with the community of this token is waiting for Pi's network mainnet to go live.
  • Pi Network mainnet is likely to go live on 28 June 2024 and the news is circulating all around the market
  • Another news related to Pi Network is quite shocking, according to which the founder of Pi Network, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis has zero presence.
11-May-2024 By: Sakshi Jain
Pi’s Founder Vanishe

Pi's Creator Nicolas Kokkalis Missing for an Extended Period

Before the Pi Network Mainnet goes live people on social media platforms have invented trends that taking place. Before the network goes live, miners mine massive amounts of Pi coins hoping to make money by selling their tokens. Thus, the trend carries on and the Pi team ensures that the network and Pi Coin are being informed regularly about these activities. 

However, something about Pi is different. The founder of Pi Network, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis has allegedly been absent from the company for a lengthy period and has recently resigned. Plenty have commented on the fact that Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis's absence now has become a significant mystery. People on social media develop their hypothesis which they spread on the internet. 

Nicolas Kokkalis's Mystery is creating Rumors

Some people even guess if Nicolas Kokkalis is still alive or dead. Many individuals debated the validity of the Pi Network, once the contents of this software were publicized. Some people are asking for the verification of the Pi Network while others don't trust it and this has led to the concerns being raised in the social media circles. So far, the Pi Network team has not made any of this supposed story about Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis official but remained silent on the matter.

This situation has given the owners of Pi another reason to live in fear. Nevertheless, one of his old comments has shown up in the media, giving the perception of sensational news.  This could be an attempt to get people to discover his trustworthiness. Yet, the chief question concerning the reason for the founder's disappearance is implied by him.

Pi Creator's story Sounds similar to the Bitcoin Founder's Story                  

The question of why Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, the founder of Pi, has gone missing makes us think of the Satoshi Nakamoto story—the one about the person who invented Bitcoin. After the charity of 2008, the Bitcoin white paper was released in 2008, thus one year later in 2009, Bitcoin was distributed. In 2010, Bitcoin held the spotlight of mainstream media as the general public started to recognize and utilize it. Finally, in 2012 or so, a looming silence replaced Satoshi Nakamoto’s name and he stated that he would be concentrating on other things. Now, after almost a decade, no one has seen or heard of Satoshi Nakamoto, and he is still a mystery. This is the case with the disappearance of Nicolas Kokkalis, the founder of Pi Network, who adopted such a mysterious move as the toll of his protagonist's fictional character.

Some think that maybe it is just a mere coincidence, instead of it being something more. It implies that maybe he is also working on some sort of marketing or preparations for the launching of the Pi Network on June 28th. Inviting clarification here may be on the wise, Wait till Pi Network begins to serve. This way, people will be able to learn the main idea and fat consistencies faster.

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