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Top Cryptocurrency News: Is Xiaomi thinking about entering into the metaverse?

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Xiaomi files patent to develop blockchain virtual characters using: Report

Xiaomi, one of the largest mobile phone and technology companies in the world, has submitted a patent application that makes use of blockchain technology to streamline the creation of its unique digital characters.

According to a Chinese media outlet, the patent, titled "Virtual Character Processing Method, Device and Storage Medium," was introduced in January 2022 but was just recently disclosed by the company in China.

Due to its decentralized nature and immutable characteristics, more companies are implementing blockchain into their new product ideas. According to the latest disclosure, the patent may create virtual characters with multiple images based on various gene sequences.

Xiaomi may use the technology in the metaverse

In addition, Xiaomi may also utilize similar technology in the future to create its own metaverse experience, although no formal statements have been made.

According to the filing, the characters would use this decentralized blockchain technology to keep their gene sequences from being destroyed. Despite the fact that the patent does not specifically mention non-fungible tokens (NFTs), its description of blockchain applications raises the possibility of using NFTs or a similar technology.

On this matter , no formal statements have been made. Still, some have speculated that Xiaomi would create its own metaverse platform, using these virtual characters as the primary draw. However, the veracity of these rumors hasn't been confirmed. 

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