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Trovio Group launches $35m Yield App-powered DeFi Fund.

  • In order to diversify their portfolios, wholesale investors have access to the $35 million Trovio DeFi Fund, which uses a yield-generating strategy within the DeFi (decentralised finance) ecosystem.

  • By merging Trovio Group's asset management expertise with Yield App's DeFi risk management skills, the Trovio DeFi Fund may take Yield App's return-generating platform and make it accessible to more investors.

03-Nov-2022 By: Rohit Tripathi
Trovio Group launche

For the launch of a brand-new cryptocurrency fund,

 Trovio Group, one of Australia's top asset managers, has teamed up with Yield App, a digital wealth platform with $200 million under management.

The Trovio DeFi Fund, a $35 million investment vehicle, gives wholesale investors the chance to diversify their portfolios by utilising a yield-generating approach within the DeFi (decentralised finance) ecosystem.

The Trovio DeFi Fund will be able to use the DeFi strategy that propelled Yield App's return-generating platform and make it accessible to a larger audience of investors by combining Trovio Group's asset management knowledge with Yield App's DeFi risk management skills.

Innovative Risk Model

To protect the portfolio from market volatility, Trovio DeFi Fund places a high priority on capital preservation and employs its own unique sentiment research. To analyse all aspects of risk exposure, including the four security assessment pillars of smart contracts, platforms, counterparties, and financial/credit risk, this proprietary risk model includes 135 quantifiable variables created from historical data.

Based on this model, the risk analysis system returns a measurement and an alphabetic rating from A to Z that informs the management team of the overall amount of liquidity in the lending pools. The Trovio DeFi Fund will use this system to help determine whether or not to make an investment.

According to Yield App's Chief Investment Officer, Lucas Kiely, the new relationship will give wholesale investors access to a tried-and-true DeFi strategy that has been powering Yield App's return-generating engine. Furthermore, according to Lucas, Trovio and Yield App are the best-positioned team in the market to take advantage of the potential present in DeFi while strictly focusing on capital preservation. Trovio has a lengthy and successful track record within the digital asset industry.

He continued, adding more information on the goals of this collaboration, Tim Frost, the CEO of Yield App, was enthusiastic about the collaboration and expressed the team's pride in sharing its leading-edge knowledge and risk model with Trovio. Tim claims that the partnership is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to examine business synergies between the two entities.

According to CEO John Deane of Trovio Group, the company has invested the previous five years in creating a market-beating asset management solution for digital native assets. We are thrilled to announce the Trovio DeFi Fund's launch today in collaboration with Yield App, an organisation we have been working closely with over the past few months. We look forward to growing this cooperation with Yield App and offering our customers recognisable institutional investment solutions that are in line with best-in-class risk management and governance systems. Yield App has a wealth of knowledge in managing risks in decentralised finance.

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