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Deutsche Telekom Boosts Ethereum's Scaling with Polygon

Kazakhstan’s Crypto Miners Will be Required To Obtain a License

Deutsche Telekom, one of Europe's largest telecommunications 

companies, is set to become a validator for Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform Polygon. The company's subsidiary, Deutsche Telekom MMS, will operate as a validator, securing Polygon's proof-of-stake sidechain and Supernets chain. By running a full node, validating transactions, and participating in consensus, Deutsche Telekom aims to enhance the security, governance, and decentralization of the protocols. Dirk Röde, the head of Deutsche Telekom's Blockchain Solutions Center, sees this move as a significant milestone in their ambition to be a key player in Web3 infrastructure. The partnership may also encourage other mainstream telecom firms to embrace blockchain technology.

By: Simran Mishra

01 Jun 2023

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