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Societe Generale Launches 10M Euro Worth Security Token

Societe Generale Forge Aims to Fund Eligible Green Activities

Societe Generale, France's third-largest bank, launches a 10 million euro digital green bond as a Security Token on Ethereum's public blockchain

The bond, issued by Forge, aims to fund Eligible Green Activities, offering 24/7 carbon footprint data access through its smart contract. Additionally, it introduces on-chain settlement via a euro-pegged stablecoin.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 3 hours ago
Taiwan's FSC will Review Crypto ETFs After Market Analysis

FSC Watches US SEC for Guidance on Crypto ETFs in Taiwan

Taiwan's Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) may allow crypto ETFs after assessing global markets. Monitoring the US SEC Bitcoin spot ETF review in January, FSC looks to examples from Canada and Australia. 

The FSC aims to gradually ease digital asset trading rules, emphasising self-discipline and regulation amid past concerns about crypto ETFs' volatility.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 4 hours ago
Singapore Enhances AI Strategy with AI 2.0, Social Focus

Singapore Expands AI Partnerships, Enhances Computing Power  

Singapore launches an AI 2.0 strategy that focuses on three social aspects: activity drivers, people and communities, and infrastructure and environment. Plans include creating AI Centers of Excellence, equipping agencies with specialized knowledge, and boosting AI practitioners to 15,000. 

The country aims to extend its AI industry partnerships and boost computing capacity over the next 3-5 years.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 4 hours ago
MAS Approves Singaporean Exchange for Investment Schemes

DigiFT's Emphasis on Security Tokens and Innovation-Regulation Balance

Singapore's DigiFT digital asset exchange secures approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to operate collective investment schemes and a secondary-market trading platform. 

Operating since 2020 in MAS’ FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, DigiFT's licences enable a wide range of investment services. The exchange's focus on security tokens aligns with MAS's innovation and regulation balance in the crypto space.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 6 hours ago
Thirdweb Reveals Security Vulnerability in Web3 Ecosystem

Web3 Security Concerns Amplified, Firm Tightens Measures

Thirdweb, a smart contract development firm, disclosed a security vulnerability in a widely used open-source library, affecting various smart contracts in the Web3 ecosystem. 

While the vulnerability hasn't been exploited, Thirdweb urges immediate action, providing mitigation steps and doubling bug bounty payouts. The firm, backed by a $24 million Series A funding, aims to enhance security measures

By: Prayag Sen
Share 6 hours ago
MUFG of Japan Collaborates with JPYC for Stablecoin Services

JPYC Plans to Be Funds Transfer Stablecoin Under New Regulations

Japan's MUFG partners with JPYC stablecoin on its Progmat platform, aiming to offer stablecoin-based services, including cross-border payments. JPYC intends to position itself as a funds transfer stablecoin under recent Crypto regulations, with MUFG as the bank of trust.

The partnership aligns with Japan's stablecoin regulations and aims to enable seamless foreign exchange transactions.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 8 hours ago
Spot Ether ETF to Follow First US Bitcoin ETF in Q2 2024

Hashdex Predicts 50 Trillion Dollar Market with Bitcoin and Ether ETFs

Hashdex anticipates the debut of the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the US by Q2 2024, followed by a spot Ether ETF. The company, among 13 asset managers seeking SEC approval, notices the shift from 'if' to 'when' for Bitcoin ETFs. 

Analysts suggest a 90% chance of approval by Jan. 10, 2024, but note a gap between approval and launch. Hashdex predicts widespread interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF, potentially unlocking a $50 trillion market.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 10 hours ago
BlackRock & Bitwise Submit Revised Prospectus For Bitcoin ETF

Issuers Collaborate With Regulatory Instructions for Progress

BlackRock and Bitwise submitted a revised prospectus for a spot Bitcoin ETF as Bitcoin surged past $42,000. 

The SEC coordinated instructions to various issuers indicate progress. Bitwise also added a second amendment, reflecting collaborative efforts.The recent surge in Bitcoin prices, hitting $42,000, is attributed to positive developments, with anticipation of a spot-Bitcoin ETF approval potentially boosting prices further.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 12 hours ago
IRS Criminal Investigation Unit Reveals Surge in Crypto Investigations

IRS Targets Crypto Tax Evaders Amidst Financial Crime

The IRS Criminal Investigation Unit reveals a surge in crypto related investigations, initiating over 2,676 cases in FY2023, uncovering $37 billion in tax and financial crimes. The rise in digital asset use prompts probes into unreported income from crypto sales, mining, and earnings. 

IRS emphasises increased regulations to combat tax evasion and illicit activities tied to cryptocurrencies.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 12 hours ago
South Africa's FSCA to Discuss 36 Crypto Service Providers in December

FSCA Reviews 128 Crypto Applications, Focuses on KYC and Cyber Risk

South Africa's FSCA reviews 128 crypto service provider applications, with 36 set for discussion in December. The evaluation considers KYC onboarding, data protection, and cyber risk management. 

The "Crypto Assets Markets Study" reveals 60% of traded crypto are unbacked assets. FSCA warned unlicensed providers to obtain a licence by year-end or face enforcement actions.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 04-Dec-2023
Platypus hacker Cleared in 8.5Million Dollar DeFi Theft

French Court Notices Mohammed and Benamar as Ethical Hackers

French court clears brothers who stole $8.5M from DeFi protocol Platypus, citing bug bounty similarities. In a flash loan attack on Feb. 16, Mohammed took advantage of a code error, prompting a suspension of Platypus services. 

The court, considering the brothers as "ethical hackers," allows them to go free with no criminal charges for stealing crypto tokens.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 04-Dec-2023
South Korea Urges Reporting of Unlicensed Crypto Exchanges

DAXA and FIU Collaboration Call for Reports on Illegal Crypto Services

South Korean financial regulators invite reports on unlicensed crypto exchanges. The Digital Asset Exchange Association (DAXA) and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) seek information on digital asset operators targeting Korean citizens. 

DAXA reviews reports before forwarding to the FIU for necessary actions. South Korea aims to enhance crypto industry oversight, with regulations anticipated in January 2024.

By: Gunjan Sahu
Share 04-Dec-2023
AstraZeneca Partnering with Absci to Cancer Antibodies

247M Dollar Investment in AI Model for Faster Discovery

AstraZeneca is partnering with AI biologics firm Absci to develop cancer antibodies, investing up to $247 million. They aim to create a generative AI model to speed up antibody therapeutics discovery. Absci's AI screens billions of cells weekly, generating lab-validated candidates in six weeks.

This collaboration showcases the growing role of AI in healthcare, enhancing research speed and accuracy.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 04-Dec-2023
Institutions Prefer Bitcoin Over Altcoins and Ethereum

Ethereum Lags in Institutional Interest Post-Shanghai Upgrade

Institutions favor Bitcoin over Ethereum and altcoins, increasing BTC holdings in 2023 amidst market volatility. Positive sentiment, driven by favorable lawsuit outcomes and anticipation of Bitcoin ETFs, contrasts with retail traders holding less BTC because of higher leverage. 

Ethereum sees slow institutional allocation post-Shanghai upgrade, while industry executives predict a new Bitcoin bull run.

By: Prayag Sen
Share 04-Dec-2023
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