Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Gabbar is committed to bring more and more crypto detailed information, analsysis & Research to the users. Currently users can track more than 12000+ cryptoassets at


Crypto Gabbar Cubs are the Reward Points to the users of Crypto Gabbar Website, who are building the Crypto Gabbar Community by actively participating in the Games, Activities & Events

There are many ways to Earn Crypto Gabbar Cubs mentioned below

1. Register with, Verify your Email and Earn 1 Lakh Cubs

2. For Indian Users - Verify your Mobile Number and Earn 5000 Cubs

3. Every User is assigned with unique Referral Code, Refer a friend to regsiter on and Earn 5000 Cubs, in Addition Your Friend will also earn 2000 Cubs 

4. User can perform 6 different Social Media Task and Earn 5000 Cubs for each Social Media Task, in Total 30,000 Cubs can be earned

5. Daily Rewards, Sign in daily at to claim & earn Cubs daily 

6. Crypto Gabbar offers Cryptocurrency Games Like Mock Trading, Prediction & Many more, user can participate and can earn more cubs

Please note -  Crypto Gabbar Cubs will be cnverted to Crypto Gabbar Token Soon

Users holding Crypto Gabbar Cubs will

  1. Enjoy all the features of Crypto Gabbar PRO,
  2. Have access to the Crypto Gabbar Features First
  3. Have preference in the Crypto Gabbar Token Airdrop Event
  4. “Most Important” – Crypto Gabbar Cubs will be converted to Gabbar Token Soon