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5 Best Smart Contract Auditing Companies You Must Know About

06-Oct-2022 By: Anirudh Trivedi
5 Best Smart Contract Auditing Companies You Must Know About

As the community around blockchain development is getting stronger, we are witnessing a surge in the DApps present in the web 3.0 ecosystem. All the code which is being pushed on the blockchains is done in the form of smart contracts which functions according to the specified instructions in the programming. 

However, to err is human and smart contracts are immutable by nature and thus require extensive audits before the final deployment on the blockchain. In this CoinGabbar, we are going to know more about smart contract audits and explore 5 smart audit companies which are the best in providing auditing services.

What are Smart Contract Audits?

Before we jump onto understanding smart contract audits let’s try to understand what are smart contracts. Smart contracts are those blockchain programs that validate and automate financial transactions on the basis of pre-defined instructions. Smart contracts are immutable and their transactions are irreversible. 

This is where the role of smart contract audits comes into the picture. As smart contracts are immutable and cannot be modified after the deployment on a blockchain, it has to be made sure that they contain no errors. Any minute error in the code can act as a loophole for falsifying the transactions and a gateway for other security breaches. 

To avoid such blunders, professional code auditing companies take the charge of reading the code again and suggest edits to the code that increases the stability and security of the project. These security audits have become a core part of the blockchain development process and also add a degree of trust amongst the users.

5 Best Smart Contract Audits

Here are some of the best smart contract audit companies in the market which provide specialized expert teams for security audits. If you are someone who is looking out for a security audit for smart contracts, these companies could be the best choice for you.


If we are talking about blockchain security, the first thing that comes to our mind is Hacken. Hacken is one of the biggest names in blockchain security with a portfolio consisting of FTX, Avalance, and many other successful blockchain projects. While securing over $100+ billion in blockchain transactions, Hacken could be the best choice for those who are planning to go big in the blockchain business.

Hacken also provides multiple other security services and regularly arranges bug bounty programs for their clients. However, a company as big as Hacken might be inaccessible for smaller bootstrapped projects as they could be out of budget for them.


QuillAudits is a venture trust and smart contract auditing company that is catering to over 600+ blockchain projects. With over $10+ billion of transactions secured, QuillAudits are getting bigger in the web 3.0 space as a leading firm with proficient smart contract security auditors.

QuillAudits has provided services to blockchain brands such as Nord Finance, StackOS, and Dfyn. They are aiming to contribute on their part to make Web 3.0 a safer, and more inclusive place to be in. QuillAudits also ensures a social authority and user-trust projection with their efficient branding in the domain. 

It is also accessible to all kinds of projects as they are relatively economical when compared to the other smart contract auditors on the list.


Certik has assisted over 1800 blockchain projects as of now and their portfolio list some of the heavyweights of the blockchain industry. Certik has audited the smart contracts for BNB chain, Polygon, Sandbox, Terra, and others.

Securing over $250 billion in transactions, Certik is one of the most reliable and trusted names in smart contract audits.

Apart from the smart contract audits, Certik is also well known for its Skynet, Skytrace, and Pen Testing services. Certik is a perfect choice for those blockchain projects who are looking out for a comprehensive audit of their code.


Do you know what is common amongst BlockFi, ApeCoin, Avalanche, THORChain, and Polygon? Well, they all are audited by Halborn. A starring client list along with a total market cap security of over $75 billion USD makes Halborn another big name in blockchain security. 

Apart from the manual testing of smart contracts, Halborn runs automated checks to find the most common code errors. Halborn also specializes in improving the design issues of the project and assisting the devs in implementing that change.


Another major name in blockchain security is a German smart contract auditing firm named Chainsulting. It is known for its services in vulnerability analysis, automated security audits, and DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) consultancy.  

Apart from smart contract security, Chainsulting also provides its services in blockchain developments and architecture development for DApps. Chainlink secures over 100+ million USD in blockchain transactions and ensures a safer web 3.0 experience for millions of users. 


Smart contracts are indeed the future of secured digital transactions as they remove any third-party contractors and mediators from the transactions. This not only cuts out the need to pay additional commissions but also increases the trust in the transaction. 

However, the security of a smart contract can only be trusted only after a security audit from a third-party auditor. The credibility of the project must be backed with the right security measures and smart security audits provide a project with exactly that. 

All the above-mentioned smart contract auditing companies are the top names in the industry. They are known for securing billions of dollars worth of crypto assets and known for their efficiency. But if your project is relatively new and you want to start with a cost-effective smart contract audit option then QuillAudits would be a perfect choice for you. 

We hope that this article has provided you with the sufficient knowledge required to secure your own smart contracts as a developer as well as an investor. To read more such informational blogs on cryptocurrency blockchains and deep tech, log on to our website CoinGabbar and get access to exclusive crypto content and news for free! Join CoinGabbar now.