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How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in India | Coin Gabbar

04 Jan 2022 By: Collins Jackson
How to Invest in Cryptocurrency in India | Coin Gabbar

Cryptocurrency is inevitable, Governments around the world try to keep their people away from it as much as possible but now the picture is clear, cryptocurrency is taking place in every corner.


In India, the government's stand is not clear till now, sometimes it seems like the government will ban all the existing cryptocurrencies and introduce its own tokens, and other times it seems like they are ok with that.

Before investing in cryptocurrency in India, clarity is a must, it is not only making the situation confusing but also choking the investor and market. However, with the hope for good, today we are talking about the best way to invest in cryptocurrency in India.

If you want an answer in short then the steps will be to do research, find a crypto marketplace, deposit money in a wallet, and buy cryptocurrencies. However, if you want to know in detail then this article is for you. Let’s talk about them one by one.

1.  Research

Although research is an important part of making any decision, it has become vital in the field of cryptocurrency. It is because of two reasons: the first is the existence of fraudulent actors in this sector and the second one is that the Cryptocurrency market is full of upheaval. Thus, Investing in cryptocurrency doesn’t have any future. Investment without proper research will harm your fortune and will also discourage you to invest in it again. You should research about best platform to invest in cryptocurrency and the best cryptocurrency to invest in using those platforms.


The best way to do research and stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings is to bookmark some of the cryptocurrency-related portals and keep visiting them on a regular basis. is one such platform that provides all the latest updates of the cryptocurrency world along with living value tracking of around 11500+cryptocurrencies.  


2.  Cryptocurrency Marketplace

In this modern world, there is an app for everything, even for cryptocurrency trading. These apps and websites are complete cryptocurrency marketplaces where people can perform all the crypto-related activities like buying, selling, and exchanging into one another. In India, WazirX is the most popular cryptocurrency marketplace app.


However, there are many more and you just have to find one that suits your needs, create an account on it, log in and then complete the KYC to start investing in cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, before buying cryptocurrencies you also have to deposit money into the app wallet with the available payment methods.


3.  Invest in Cryptocurrency

According to the outcome of your research, you can invest in any cryptocurrency. Normally, investing in cryptocurrency has been considered as it poses various risks, but experts advise investing only 10-15% of your income so losing this money will not hurt you more. 


Bigger cryptocurrencies will help you to make bigger profits in less time. Thus, spend enough time on research that will help you to make a profitable investment decision.

To stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world bookmark our website and keep visiting at a regular interval.