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How to make money using NFTs

20-Jul-2022 Sourabh Agrawal
How to make money using NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have gained tremendous popularity. With this trend expected to continue in the years to come, digital assets have emerged as an attractive option to diversify investment portfolios. There are many interesting opportunities for investors to make a return from investing in NFTs.

These tokens are becoming more and more valuable, and more individuals are beginning to purchase them only for trading on exchanges. But, not everyone has the skills necessary to trade effectively enough to benefit from buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In order to understand how to make money with NFTs as a beginner, you should first understand What is NFT and how is it related to Cryptocurrency.

Ways to Earn Money with NFTs

NFTs are a trendy topic in the cryptocurrency world but it can be challenging to grasp how they work and how to profit from them. Here's how to start using NFTs to make money without much prior understanding of blockchain technology.

Create and sell your own NFTs

You can create and sell your own NFT online and this applies to nearly every type of digital asset, including audio files, digital artwork, and plain old photo files. 

NFT can be bought, manufactured, and sold on several platforms like OpenSea, and Rarible. Read our tutorial on How to create NFT?-A tutorial Series. to clarify more on how to create your own NFT. They will guide you step-by-step through the process of selecting a platform for creating your own NFT.

It's a waiting game to see whether somebody buys your own NFT. Marketing is also crucial in this situation since, without efficient promotion, most collections won't be seen by potential investors. Following the sale of your NFT, you will get the selling profits, which you can withdraw to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Rent NFTs

NFTs cannot be duplicated so they can be rented for a certain amount of time in return for money. One can enjoy the advantages of owning an NFT by renting NFT rather than making the financial commitment to buy NFT.

You can offer your NFTs on Marketplace like OpenSea. Renters who are interested in the NFT would then start the borrowing procedure, which would include putting the NFT inside of a smart contract. The rental procedure starts when the terms have been decided upon and agreed upon.

The renter must deposit collateral with a larger value than the NFT to safeguard the lender's interests. Additionally, there is a rental charge that must be paid by the renter. The NFT is returned to the original owner once the contract expires, and the borrower will receive their collateral back.

Set Royalty

It's a terrific method to ensure lifelong passive income even after selling your NFT. You can make money through NFT royalties each time your NFT is sold on the secondary market, so even after you sell your works to anyone, you will continue to make money.

You can decide your royalty rate and can make a profit from it. For example, if you put a 10% royalty on your NFTs, you will 10% of the entire sale price each time your NFT is sold to a new owner.

Trade NFTs

NFTs are digital assets that can be traded much like stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and other financial products. The idea is to either buy the most valuable NFT tokens or to purchase them cheaply to resell them to others for a profit.

Trading NFTs is easy you can either buy thousands of digital assets directly from some of the most well-known NFT markets, like OpenSea, and Rarible. However, you should research the nature, idea, and value of an NFT before buying it.

Selling them at the correct moment is the key to generating a profit. Remember to include extra costs like gas, marketplace listing fees, and royalties paid to the original owner when calculating your prospective profit and loss. As a trader, you must keep a close watch on any opportunity to profit. 

NFT Games

Playing NFT games to make money has grown to be a popular and exciting approach. You can buy in-game things using NFTs and trade them to other players to make money. In-game NFTs are expected to expand in the future as they are far more advanced than basic digital trade cards or even more involved NFTs like virtual artwork.

Read our blog post on What are GameFi and Non-Fungible Token NFT to know more about these games and projects.

Stake NFTs

Another way to make money with NFTs is staking. Staking NFTs is placing digital assets inside a De-Fi protocol smart contract and "locking them away" in order to produce a yield. Staking is possible due to the combination of NFTs with Decentralised Finance (DeFi) protocols. You can also read our blog post on  What are the various staking methods in Crypto HODLING to know more about Staking methods.

While some platforms permit the usage of any NFT, others demand that you should purchase native NFTs to get staking token incentives. You can stake your NFTs on many platforms, Splinterlands, NFTX, and, Band NFTs, to generate passive revenue from them.

Licensed Collectibles

The clearest and most logical use of the Non-Fungible Token technology appears to be tokenizing collectibles. We can keep our physical collectibles on the blockchain as NFTs by transforming them into NFTs and can make a profit by selling them.

The companies that formerly sold physical collectibles like trading cards may now offer the same items online. A digital trading card's price may be significantly greater than the cost of its physical equivalent since NFTs are rare.

The first significant NFT collectibles ever released were Curio Cards, which were followed by a number of additional collections including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Cat Colony, Meebits, etc.


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are usually linked with digital and virtual assets, however, with recent technological advances, additional real-world applications of NFTs have also created opportunities for people to make money through them.

NFTs will spread across society as long as people keep investing in them. While the most common ways to make money from them right now are through gaming, trading collectibles, and making NFTs, there will be more options in the future.

It's time to get started now that you are familiar with how to profit from NFTs and their future. But, just bear in mind that just as with any other sort of investment, there are risks associated with buying NFTs.

The NFTs sure do look like they are not an uprising for now but believe it, it's going to be a buzz around in the upcoming times and will also in a sense be an electronic art museum in the so-called META and the web 3.0 era. So mark this as a turn-up this is surely going to grow in future times and maybe in a way where art unites people, who knows?

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