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Are We Nearing The End of Crypto Twitter?

  • Twitter has undergone several contentious changes after Musk’s acquisition.

  • According to experts, Musk's acquisition of Twitter signifies the end of the platform.

  • This year, the platform experienced massive data breaches and misinformation concerns.

  • Community members have already started looking for Twitter alternatives.

Are We Nearing The E

After the acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk has made radical changes that have raised concerns about the platform's future, including the firing of half of the workforce, the temporary suspension of several journalists' accounts, and a slew of policy changes.

Not only that, Musk also announced his intention to step down as CEO of Twitter, stating that he would like to lead the software and servers teams. Moreover, recent reports claim that more than 30 million users are expected to leave Twitter over the next two years as concerns about technical issues and the proliferation of offensive content thrive.

Despite all these growing concerns, cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock highlighted a serious threat via Twitter on Dec. 24, asserting that someone is allegedly selling a private database containing the contact information of 400 million Twitter accounts.

These concerns clearly indicate that the platform's end is nearing. Experts believe that all of these concerns have grown as the platform has become more centralized following Musk's acquisition.

Will Twitter Survive

After Musk's acquisition, famous personalities like Elton John, Meek Mill, Jim Carrey, and others have decided to leave the platform, citing misinformation concerns. This scenario voiced concern about the growing emergence of fake and bot accounts on the platform.

At the time of the acquisition, Musk also asserted that he intends to build the platform more in a decentralized way that is free of fake and bot accounts. However, the Twitter developers team has yet to address these concerns, increasing the likelihood of more people quitting the platform in the future.

Furthermore, the back-to-back data breaches (July & Nov 2022) from the platform raise concerns about user data privacy. The concerns were further amplified yesterday when reports of leaking data of more than 400 million Twitter accounts surfaced. These concerns are enticing users to use an alternative decentralized social media platform.

All these outlooks clearly indicate that the platform's end is nearing. The community also believes that platforms such as Reddit and BlueSky Social will thrive considerably as compared to Twitter in the future.

What do you think, will Twitter thrive or will it fall under the governance of Elon Musk? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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