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6GHz For Metaverse Wearable Technology: FCC Says Yes!

6GHz For Metaverse Wearable Technology: FCC Says Yes!

US FCC Now Allows 6GHz Frequency Metaverse Wearables

The United States Federal Communications Commission has approved the use of the faster 6 GHz frequency band for low-power wearable tech, which is essential for the metaverse. This rule change allows virtual and augmented reality devices, crucial for the metaverse's growth, to operate without a license. The 6 GHz band offers faster speeds, more bandwidth, and reduced latency. This decision is expected to promote innovative applications, including wearable technologies and augmented and virtual reality experiences. Tech giants like Meta, Apple, and Google have been developing AR and VR wearables, and this move enhances their capabilities. The FCC aims to balance innovation while protecting critical services operating in the 6 GHz band.

By: Sudeep Saxena

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