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Which is more likely to grow 10X, Cardano vs VeChain crypto

23 Apr 2022 By : yogesh
Which is more likely to grow 10X, Cardano vs VeChain crypto

Which is more likely to grow 10X, Cardano or VeChain cryptocurrency?

            1.    Both are native coins: VET and ADA, respectively, are the native coins of VeChain and Cardano.

            2.    Both have an intrinsic market capital of approximately 10 times the prior as seen in the figures.

            3.    Existence in Marketplaces: You can buy, sell, trade, and stake both of these coins on cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.

            4.    Stake Friendly: You can stake both of these currencies in order to receive a reward for assisting with the security and operation of the blockchain.

            5.    Limited Supply: Both of these tokens have a finite supply, with VET having a maximum supply of86.7 billion and ADA having a maximum supply of 45 billion.

            6.    Market Cap: Cardano's market capitalization (the value of a company's shares on the market)is approximately 10 times that of VeChain.

            7.    Token Consumption: VeChain consumes 70% of transaction expenses (in VeThor, not VET), whereas Cardano consumes none.

            8.    Smart Contracts: While smart contracts are not yet supported by Cardano, they are supported byVeChain.

            9.    Cardanoemploys the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, whereas VeChain employs the Proof of Authority consensus system.

            10. VET is deflationary, but ADA is inflationary. Inflation is defined as downward price pressure, and deflation is defined as upward price pressure. When it comes to analyzing them as potential investments, deflation comes in useful.

            But in my opinion, Vechain has a brighter future than Cardano for two simple reasons:

            • Vechain is dominating its sector, Cardano lives in the advent of a giant – Ethereum which makes its own value for intrinsic innovation null.
            • Vechain is partnering up with tons of big companies and institutions, Cardano is lagging behind in this sense.

            Now, don’t get me wrong. I think Cardano is a great cryptocurrency. But Vechain is just a little bit better. It also has a lot more room to grow, as its market cap is 10x smaller.


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